100 Things(Day 83-86)

Monday May 9th(Day 83): Craig Ferguson. I can’t believe I haven’t put him in yet. I’ve always been a huge fan of his, going back to his Drew Carey days when he was my favorite character on the show. I recently gained even more respect for him after reading his autobiography and realizing how he fought to stay sober and how determined he was when it came to his career. He might be the strangest late night talk host but I honestly think he’s the very best. I rarely laugh when it comes to television but he’s had me crying from laughter at times. He’s become my late night addiction. Thankfully Jason feels the same way so we can enjoy staying up just to watch what antics he’ll be up to.

Tuesday May 10th(Day 84): Hammocks. Is there anything better than a bed in the sun?? This past fall we had to cut down a sick tree in our back yard. I never realized until a few weeks ago how much sun our back yard actually gets now. We set up our hammock directly in the sun and I’ve spent the last 3-4 days just lying on it with a book. Nothing in the world relaxes me more than lying in the sun and reading, it’s like NOTHING can bother me.

Wednesday May 11th(Day 85): Anniversaries. So technically today isn’t my 6 month with Jason but we celebrated today because of Jasons work tomorrow. I always get so excited trying to think about something original for him because I know he’s doing the same thing. I think we both love the challenge. I also always smile(or cry) like a complete lunatic when I’m reading what he’s written to me. I feel so blessed to understand what true love is now.

Thursday May 12th (Day 86): Study Packages. I think the most annoying thing about school is when you sit down for an exam and you realize, while you’re staring at a question, that you missed some notes. Thankfully I have the greatest teachers who have prepared study packages for us in 2 of our 4 classes. This is such a relief since those are the two classes that we take the most notes in. It’s intimidating to look at these 30 page packages but at least I know that I’m not missing a single thing for exams next week. Now I just need to start studying…


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