Goal list

One of my New Years goals was to reach 60 completed goals out of 101 on my list. I started at about 12 this year and have already reached 38. I wrote a blog about 3 months ago about some of the goals I’d completed but it self-destructed and erased itself. So I chose a few goals that I completed over the last month or two.

Join a dance class: This was all Jason. He talked me into joining a salsa class for the fun of it. I was incredibly reluctant but it ended up being a very neat experience. It felt so great to get back to dancing again, having done it for 14 years and then stopping. We’re looking into joining some more classes at the gym this fall.

Watch a sunrise/sunset on the same day: I knew this one would get completed while I was in Cuba I just didn’t know how I’d find the energy to wake up at 5:20 am for the sunrise. Turns out it happened on our last day there. We had an overnight flight and on our last day we sat by the ocean and watched the sunset. Then around 5:15 on the plane I lifted the shade and looked out onto a sunrise way above the clouds. I was deliriously tired but it was gorgeous regardless.

Lose 5lbs: I actually didn’t mean to complete this one. Due to my anxiety lately I’ve been staying away from junk food, sugar and chocolate and have lost almost 10lbs after getting weighed at the doctors the other day. My actual goals was 10lbs so I’m almost there.

Visit a country outside of North America: I had visited Cuba before but it does count as a country outside of North America so when I visited there this past May I crossed this one off my list.

Find a popular series that I’ve never seen and watch all of it: I completed this one in April. I chose How I Met Your Mother since everyone was quoting it and everyone was obsessed with it. Luckily Melissa had most of the seasons so I borrowed them from her. I’m not addicted but it’s a very cute show with great characters and I’ll continue watching it on tv for as long as it runs.

Stay away from the internet for a week: I did this one as well in Cuba. I checked my e-mail in order to keep my parents up to date but that was by their demand, not mine so I’m crossing this one off the list as well.

Read 5 biographies: I’ve become addicted to reading biographies thanks to this goal. I finished almost all of them in the month of May. I started with The Glass Castle and ended with Unbearable Lightness and each one was an incredible story that had me captivated until the end. I still have more to read on my shelf but since I only put 5 as my goal I can cross this off.

Identify 100 things that make me happy: If you’ve been reading my blog then you’ve noticed this one. I was originally just going to make a list of 100 things that make me smile but instead I decided to find something in 100 days that made my day that much better. I did that and documented each one in a blog post. Its also a great way to look back on the year and see what made me smile even during the harder times.

Kiss in the rain: This one makes me laugh. This was completed in Cuba as well. It was on a day that I was completely and utterly exhausted thanks to my anxiety and I had taken medication before bed that had knocked me out. I woke up around 11pm, Jason reading next to me, to see a huge thunderstorm outside. I got up COMPLETELY deliriously and grabbed Jason, who had no idea what was going on, and brought him outside to kiss in the rain on the balcony.


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