Another “The Voice” post

I’m about to ramble.

I used to be addicted to American & Canadian Idol. I mean completely and utterly addicted. Keep in mind that I was 12-13-14 when this was happening. The problem with those shows was that I found my idol on both shows. I knew that I would never ever be able to watch the shows the same way again because I wouldn’t be as hooked anymore. On Canadian Idol I,obviously, found Jacob Hoggard which led me to Hedley and on American Idol I fell in love with Clay Aiken and his voice. Since the third season of both shows I decided to stop watching. Now I can’t even stay on it for more then 30 seconds without changing. It’s repetitive and predictable.

That being said I have to go on about The Voice. I’m yet to watch the finale because I had to catch up on yesterdays episode so I’m completely in the dark as to what the results were. I couldn’t believe they were coming out with ANOTHER show about singing. Then I started watching and I can’t stop. It’s genius to choose talent on their voice alone. It’s also genius to select people who have already been known by labels or in their area. There are none of these bullshit fake auditions.

Then there are the coaches. I teared up watching the final performance show. It’s amazing to see four successful artists coach and grow so attached to four rising stars. There aren’t any egos. Watching Dia tear up when she spoke up Blake made me tear up. That’s what these rising artists need. A mentor. A proper role model to look up to.

Never, in all the years I’ve watched ANY reality show, have I fallen in love with the remaining contestants the way I have with The Voice. I don’t even care who wins. I’ve downloaded everything by all of them off of iTunes and it’ll be on repeat on my iPod for some time. A part of me will continue to follow Dia & Javiers careers even if they don’t win. I’m already excited for next season.

I had to post Adam Levine & Javier Colons duet for Man In the Mirror. Unreal.


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