Concerts galore.

It’s no surprise that I live and breathe music so this summer has been a TINY bit disappointing to me. There’s been a severe lack of shows. I’ve never ever gone one summer without seeing Hedley, The New Cities, Faber Drive or Marianas Trench. This summer none of them are playing anywhere near here(or at all for that matter).

It looks like the fall is shaping up to be an amazing time of year though. Concert wise. So far in the last 3 days two of my favorite artists have announced stops in Montreal. The first is Wakey!Wakey! a VERY underrated band who got their success from One Tree Hill. I’ve written long posts about Mike Grubbs in the past but he’s such a pleasure to watch on stage and his music is like nothing I’ve ever heard. He’s unique. That’s what the music industry needs now-a-days. How come this auto-tune crap is getting airplay but real music isn’t getting a chance. Anyways I decided that since he announced a show in Montreal AND Toronto that I’d be attending both. Why not? Nothing’s better than a road trip right before it starts snowing.

The other artist who announced a show was Matthew Good. He’s one of my favorite people to watch on stage. It’s a shame because no one I know listens to his music so a lot of the time I’m struggling to find someone to go watch the show with. More people need to recognize how awesome he is. Not only does he put on a great show but he also knows how to interact with the crowd to the point that most of the audience is laughing themselves to tears over his sarcastic and quick remarks.

Aside from that this summer has been pretty quiet. I saw Jack’s Mannequin at The Bell Center on Sunday night and he continues to amaze me. He sounds even better than his recordings. Is it just me or is it fun to watch someone do something they love so much? It’s obvious when Andrew sits down at that piano that he doesn’t want to be anywhere else in the world. Luckily he sang “Holiday From Real” and “Bruised” which are probably two of my favorites. Unfortunately the set was way too short for my liking. He announced that he’d be back in Montreal in the fall as well. Hopefully I can add ANOTHER artist to my show list. Fingers crossed.


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