July 8th weekend

I decided I’m going to blog about every day happenings again. I stopped during my 100 things in 100 days challenge but I’m back to it! It’s fun to keep a bit of a journal of what’s going on.

Last week I headed up North to Tremblant with Jason to meet up with his parents. The fact that he endures some of my music is amazing. More amazingly is the fact that he endures my singing. I had been to Tremblant before but only for one night and we got rained out so this was my chance to really explore. The condo/hotel room was super cute with a great view. On the first day there we walked around the village, played in the games room downstairs and then took a gondola ride over the mountain to the casino. It was actually my very first time in a casino and while Jasons parents did fairly well, the two poor students just lost money. At least I’ll never have a gambling addiction right? We ate dinner at a restaurant in the village and I had the most amazing clam chowder. I want to go back just for the food.

Then on Saturday we woke up at the crack of dawn and went to eat breakfast at a crepes restaurant. I thought getting a ham and cheese one would be a safe bet for 8am. Nope. It was so stuffed with cheese that even now when I think of it I get a tiny bit queasy. Then we grabbed our stuff and walked down to the little beach around the corner where we stayed for a few hours and soaked up some sun. I miss swimming in the lake. Up until the age of 15 my family had a cottage and I spent almost every day of those summers in the water. Then we headed back to Tremblant and walked around some more but by then it was jammed packed with people for the Bluesfest. We had dinner at Caseys Bar & Grill and then called it a night.

Sunday was Mels 22nd birthday so we drove back into the city for brunch at Chez Coras. I’m still not sure how I ate all that food this weekend and a)I’m not 600lbs and b)I didn’t explode. It was all delicious though. Food makes me happy. Is that so wrong? It’s always fun to celebrate a best friends birthday and she FINALLY got her Hal Gill shirt.  Here’s to MANY hockey nights this coming season.

Finally, Jason and I have decided that once a week we’re going to start cooking together or else we’ll be living off kraft dinner and instant pasta forever. So on Sunday night we had the house to ourselves. I took care of the vegetable side and he took care of the main meal. I made tomatoes with boccocini cheese and pesto. He made a pasta with rosé sauce, hungarian salami, zucchini and onions. It was all pretty delicious and no one got food poisoning!!



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