Upcoming events.

Things I’m anxiously awaiting in July?

July 16th: WARPED TOURRRR. The line up blows this year but I don’t even care. I might be doing interviews backstage all day which would be fun but if not I’ll be wandering the concert site looking at band merch and watching new bands! It’s the perfect opportunity to discover new acts. Plus 3OH!3 again:)

July 22nd: Jason surprised me with 2nd row tickets to Josh Groban in Ottawa. We were originally supposed to go, back when the tour was announced, but Jason thought he’d be working so we never actually purchased the tickets. Now that he’s not he went ahead and bought a pair to surprise me with and I couldn’t be more excited!! We’re going to swing by and visit a friend in Ottawa before we head to the show and then we get to stay at the Delta City Center that night!

July 23rd: Oh hey Josh Groban PART 2. There’s a tiny chance that I’ll be getting the chance to interview him. I don’t want to think about it because then I’ll start hyperventilating. I have 4th row tickets, dead center, to his show in Montreal with Jenn. Even though it’s two days in a row I’m getting antsy.

July 27th: HARRRYYY POTTER. Okay maybe not officially this day but Jason, his sister and her boyfriend and I are going to go watch the final movie together at some point during this week. I’m incredibly excited and depressed all mixed into one. I don’t want it to end:(

July 29th: Eminem at Osheaga. I haven’t actually purchased tickets to this but if it doesn’t sell out or rain I’m going to pick up a pair for Jason and I. I’ve always wanted to see him AND I’ve always wanted to rap in public.

July 30th: CRAIG FERGUSON. He’s basically been a big part of my relationship with Jason. We stay up as often as we can to watch him and the second we found out he was coming we knew we had to buy tickets! Our seats are pretty decent and it’s for the 10PM show so it should be fun!


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