Josh Groban X2.

The other night after the 1st Josh Groban show I was lying in bed with my boyfriend and he asked me what the best show I ever went to was. I used to always answer the same ones from back in 2009 but then I realized it was more about the experience throughout those days that made them special, not necessarily the show. Then I realized that the two best shows I’ve ever seen in my life were probably Something Corporate last August and Josh Groban in Ottawa two days ago.

On Friday afternoon Jason and I left for Ottawa. We made a quick stop at Athenas to catch up and hug her dog a little and then we headed to Scotiabank Arena. I really don’t like it there. I don’t understand how Ottawa Sens fans can enjoy driving out to bumf*ck nowhere to watch their games. I guess when you’re spoiled with the Bell Center nothing can really compare. So we found our seats, 2nd row on the left of the stage on the floor. Jason bought these tickets about 2 weeks before we left as a surprise and I still can’t believe that he found such incredible places. The show started at exactly 8pm with opening act Elew. Normally I’m not huge on instrumentals but he was incredible to watch. He played modern songs on the piano but with new spins to them. He opened with Mr Brightside from The Killers and went from there. He would go from one song into an other so easily that it made me want to get up on the stage and sit down at the piano and try.  He was amazing to watch.

Then at exactly 9pm Josh hit the stage. I normally go to shows that are General Admission for Josh Groban shows have been a whole new experience for me. He started the show off in the center of the arena singing “Changing Colors” and then proceeded to play 2 more songs there. Then he ran through the crowd and got on the stage right in front of us. His voice is absolutely flawless. If it’s possible it’s even better live than on a CD. His voice is so powerful that it belongs in an arena. I definitely started crying when he started to sing The War At Home. I’m not going to go on and on about this but I think he’s officially the person in the music industry that I just love and respect the most. Never in my life have I seen a musician create such an intimate show with so many people. He joked and talked to the crowd, he answered fan questions and he even brought someone on stage to sing with him. Something else I noticed was how he involves his musicians and doesn’t center the show around himself. He introduced all of his musicians, pointed them all out during solos and then bowed with them in the end. They all looked like they were having an incredible time and that made it even more fun to watch.

I was going to write all about the Montreal show but both were very similar and completely mind blowing. All I can do is suggest his show a millions times over to those who have never been. I didn’t want to get up and leave. Even when he was singing in Portugese & French it was so breath taking. This is what celebrities and musicians etc should be all about. Those idiots who let fame change them shouldn’t be allowed to be role models in kids lives. It should be people like Josh Groban who remain humble  despite massive amounts of fame. Seeing him smile on stage is so amazing because it’s so genuine. Seeing his musicians laugh and have a good time is incredible because you can tell they love what they do because their “boss” loves what he does. He’s my music idol.

NYC in November? Maybe? Please?


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