Some summer ramblings.

Wow I’ve been doing a great job of keeping this up to date. Damn tumblr has become too addictive(

What’s been new? Well I’ve had the last two weeks off from classes thank the lord. It was exactly what I needed and I’m slowly starting to work more shifts at work. It’s still a daily struggle but it’s one that I’m slowly learning to live with and not be afraid of.  I’m also getting used to the idea of having one of the closest and most important people in my life on the other side of the country. She left to go set up apartment visits and job interviews and I’m so ridiculously proud of her and incredibly sad all at the same time. That being said it’s looking like the trip down to see her in October is going to be epic. We already have a hockey game and a Jacks Mannequin/The Academy Is show planned. Plus girls nights which will be long overdue by then. I’ll also FINALLY be getting my tattoo while I’m down there.

The last week has been hectic. On Saturday night Jason and I went to the Craig Ferguson show which was amazing, as expected. We both discovered we had a common love for this man within the first month of our dating. He’s so crazy and over the top that it’s impossible not to laugh at everything he does. I read his biography about two months ago and if I didn’t know that he’d been off drugs for years, I’d think he was still on them. He was great as the gala host and what’s extra special is that he’s never scripted. He just goes with things and makes it funny. I respect comedians like that. We watched 6 acts. The first two, a British and Aussie guy, were hilarious. The Canadian and American did nothing for me. Then came a ventriloquist lady who was talented but who creeped me out unfortunately because I can’t help thinking that those people actually talk to their puppets away from audiences too. The last guy was Scottish and ended off the show quite nicely. By then I was holding my eyelids open since it was 12:30am but it was worth it! Plus our seats were amazing!

On Sunday night the DAHFA gang(minus Jenn and pluss Jason) got together at my place. We walked to Piazza Romana and enjoyed way too much fried zucchini sticks and other things. Then we went for a walk in the village and ended the night with a game of Wii at my house. It’s amazing that Laura has been gone for almost a year, yet it doesnt’ feel like she left at all. When she;s with us it just feels complete again. I’ve said this before but I honestly have the greatest friends in the entire world. I laugh like crazy whenever I’m with them and I’ll never ever forget how lucky I am.

I’m also rushing to finish off the book I’m reading right now because I FINALLY picked up Sisterhood Everlasting and I can’t wait to get started on it. I plan on crying. A lot.

In television news….I think I have a serious problem. I’m completely and utterly addicted to Big Brother. I’ve never in my life watched anything that makes me want to punch a hole through my television or mumble to myself as much as this show. I get so hooked every single season. You’d think i’d be over it by now? Nope. This is my 8th season and I’m still as nuts about it as ever. It’s a shame people don’t give this show a chance. Yes there as stupid and overly dramatic people on the show for extra ratings but it’s actually incredibly smart. It takes someone with a great game play to be able to win at the end. I’d never be able to do it.


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