When you try your best but you dont succeed…

My entire life has revolved around music. From an early age I was blasting Aerosmith, The Beatles, The Beach Boys etc. I knew my heart was in the music field.

Lately I’ve been struggling and I don’t know what to do. For 6 years now I’ve been networking and pushing myself in the industry. I chose to go to Trebas because I thought this would finally be my chance to get my foot in the door. I’ve currently e-mailed 15 companies and heard back from one saying they weren’t accepting interns. Meanwhile everyone around me has gotten theirs and some are even on their 2nd.

Does that give me a good reason to be frustrated? I know I’m amazing at what I do. My life, my heart, my passion is music. If someone would give me a chance I know that I could go above and beyond anything they’ve seen. But no ones letting me show them. There isn’t room for me anywhere.

Its a slap in the face. It hurts unbelievable amounts. I’ve worked at this my whole life. I have never been more confident about anything in my life. I just want to be given a chance.


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  1. melissa Said:

    I love you & I believe in you girl!! You WILL find something. I don’t know why it’s so tough for you this time around but I believe something great is waiting for you out there 🙂 ❤

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