I’ve got another confession to make…

One of my goals on my 101 in 1001 days is to sit down and watch three music documentaries. I had watched the Hedley one and was hoping to find another one that featured a band I liked but that I didn’t know much about.

I sat down with the Foo Fighters documentary “Back & Forth” today and couldn’t believe how fast the hour and forty minutes flew by. A lot of people don’t know this but I grew up on this band. My brother used to blare their music around the house and for a few years I’d have their CD’s in my CD player on repeat. With so much musical competition I forgot about their music a little bit. I sat down to watch this documentary and I was reminded how much I loved their stuff. It brought me back to my childhood almost immediately.

I respect Dave Grohl to no end. I think he’s an absolute genius in the music industry, not to mention one of the most talented drummers out there. I never knew anything about the band though aside from their music. It was so interesting to learn about everything that they had been through. What blew me away the most was learning how hard they struggled to differentiate themselves from the Nirvana past.  I never knew how much controversy and hate Dave got for creating a band after Kurt Cobains death.

Watching this made me love music even more than I already do. I’m so sad I missed their show here a few weeks ago. On top of that they’ll be in Vancouver two days before I get there. I would love to see them live. Veterans in this industry are the most fun to watch.


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