Thanksgiving Weekend

I used to think that summer was my favorite time of year but as I grow up I realize that nothing beats a beautiful fall day. There’s something about the smell of leaves and all the colors that bring me back to my childhood and just make me relaxed. I could walk for hours outdoors. The first real weekend of fall for me is always thanksgiving. I don’t know why, it just is.

On Friday night Mel, Jason, Caitlin, Sophie & I all went downtown for the Wakey!Wakey! show at ilMotore. We had a very fast dinner at Mikes, I got mine 20 minutes after everyone else and then headed over to the venue. I saw this band for the first time back in May with Jenn & Mel in Burlington. We’d all heard Mike Grubbs music on One Tree Hill and it was a love affair from there. His albums are probably in my Top 3 as is his band. It’s not only his music, it’s who he is as a musician. I’ll explain.

The show opened with Casey Shea another artist signed to Family Records. At this show we met the head of the label and I’ve realized that THIS is the type of label I want to work for. One that is family oriented and who treats their artists as musicians, not spoiled superstars. Caseys set was amazing and he made everyone laugh for the 30 minutes he was on the stage. After that Wakey!Wakey! hit the stage. I’m not going to lie, I was super suprised that the venue sold out. When we met Mike in Burlington he told us all about how much he wanted to come to Montreal so when the show was booked I was a little bit afraid that he’d be let down by our city and not want to come back. Boy was I wrong. I’m so proud to be a music fan in Montreal. We have kickass crowds.

When Wakey!Wakey! hit the stage the entire building shook. Mike & Tanya played for almost 2 straight hours. The crowd sang along for almost every single song and even sang the background vocals during Twenty Two. Mike kept stopping to laugh and tell the crowd how blown away he was by the reception they were getting. It was his first time in the city and he admitted that it was officially his favorite show and that we were the best crowd he’d ever played for. Nothing makes me smile more than a musician who DESERVES IT making it. He played long past the end of his set and told the crowd that he wanted to meet every singe person. During his set he casually talked non stop to the crowd and smiled the entire time. I have so much respect for this man as a muscian as well as a person. These are the people who should be huge in the music industry. Those artists who have worked hard and who are humbled by their fame. Not people like Rihanna and Kanye West who have heads too big to enter stadiums.

After the show we spoke with Wesley from Family records a little bit more and thanked Mike for playing an amazing show. I’m so excited to see a show in the near future.

On Saturday morning Jason & I headed to the Morgan Arboretum for a long walk through the woods. This has become tradition for me every thanksgiving weekend. I love walking through the trees and looking at all the color changes and enjoying the complete silence. The only part that is never fun is all the mud. After that we headed back to my house for a small thanksgiving dinner with my grandmother and godmother and I ate my weight in stuffing, which is generally what happens.

Only 18 more days until Vancouver and in that time I have to get through 9 shifts, a hair cut, a foot tattoo, pumpkin picking, a concert, a habs game….YAY!.


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