2011 Goals: What was accomplished. What wasn’t.

First of all I missed my blog. Tumblr is NOT the same. I’m going to be posting here again.

I’ll be the first to admit that I made a list of 2011 goals…and then promptly forgot about it. I’m curious to see what I managed to complete and what I couldn’t motivate myself to do.

My goals for 2011 were:

1. Begin looking for a job within the industry. Of course this would be my number 1 goal. It wasn’t accomplished. Well not fully accomplished anyways.  In 2011 I graduated from Trebas and began working “full time” with CONFRONT. I took on a huge part of the magazine and it has been a crucial part in getting closer to a job within the industry. Every little bit counts. I do have plans for the New Year. I’m going to push harder than ever with them, that includes Toronto.

2. Work out more. Yeah this didn’t happen. A big part of it was the anxiety attacks I started suffering from. I really had to concentrate on a way to recover from that.

3. Read 60 books. I did this! I think I’m actually at 63 or 64 books now. There were so many amazing books introduced to me in 2011 that it was impossible not to complete this one. My top 10 for the year are:

  1. Divergent – Veronica Roth
  2. The Maze Runner trilogy – James Dashner
  3. The Art of Racing in the Rain – Garth Stein
  4. The Glass Castle – Jeanette Walls
  5. Secret Daughter – Shilpi Somaya Gowda
  6. The Kite Runner – Khaled Hosseini
  7. Delirium – Lauren Oliver
  8. Before I Go to Sleep – S.J Watson
  9. Room – Emma Donoghue
  10. Sisterhood Everlasting -Ann Brashares

4. Save atleast 60% of paycheck. This was very hard seeing as how up until 2 months ago I was in school full time. I should have realistically realized that I would barely be making any money. I think I did take a majority off my paycheck but not enough for it to really show at the end of the year.

5. Visit 5 new places. I’m pretty sure I did this without realizing. I went on a lot of random trips this year which included Pembroke & Renfrew Ontario(a fun trip with the boyfriend), Cayo Coco, Vancouver, Toronto etc. I’d like to say that I accomplished this one.

6. Learn how to cook. I did really well with this one. I spent more of 2011 cooking then I have the rest of my life combined. I took the time to learn almost 25 new recipes, buy new cookbooks and learn how to make cupcakes. Success.

7. Get my learners. Fail. Maybe this year?

8. Complete at least 65% of my 101 goals in 1001 days. Okay this was tough because going into it I think I had accomplished 22% of my list. I just looked at my updated list and I am now at 54%. Not bad. I think aiming for 65 was too high seeing as how some of the goals take awhile to complete. I am almost done a good deal of them and some of them I’m nowhere close.

Updated 101 list:

  1. Write a letter to myself to open in 10 years: This has been sealed and put away. I believe it was 3 pages typed up on the computer.
  2. Sleep under the stars: Not completed
  3. Attend a film festival: Not completed
  4. Kiss in the rain: Completed in Cuba during a thunderstorm. We stepped out onto the porch and kissed there. Seeing as how I was super dazed it wasn’t the best kiss so a couple of months later, in July, we stepped out into the pouring rain kissed there. More romantic.
  5. Read all the books currently unread on my book shelf: Not completed. This one is impossible because I keep adding to my bookshelf.
  6. Donate blood: Not completed. This probably won’t happen. I’m too scared of fainting.
  7. Identify 100 things that make me happy: Completed. I did this over a period of 100 days on my blog.
  8. Go camping: Not completed
  9. Go tobogganing: Not completed
  10. Learn how to play poker: Completed. Jason taught me how! I still don’t like it.
  11. Get a tattoo: Completed. I actually managed to get TWO. I wouldnt have been able to do it if Jason hadn’t convinced the shit out of me.I got one on my wrist and one on my foot.
  12. Build a snowman: Completed. We did this last January. He had a lot of personality and he slowly melted over a period of a month in the back yard.
  13. Stay awake for 24 hours: Completed. This was done with Jenn when we flew home from Vancouver in September 2010. We didn’t bother going to sleep since our flight was so early.
  14. Do a scrapbook: Completed. I intended this one for me but I ended up making Jenn one for Christmas last year.
  15. See a broadway play: Not completed
  16. Take a first aid course: Not completed
  17. Try a new/frightening food: Completed. I tried escargot which turned out to not be TOO bad since I love garlic and cheese.
  18. Host a fancy dress party: Not completed. I’m hoping this will be done this year around April.
  19. Subscribe to a magazine: Completed. I subscribed to ALT Press(blah) and Cosmopolitan.
  20. Join a gym: Not completed.
  21. Buy a fancy dress: Not completed. This will be done by March since I’ll be attending a wedding.
  22. Listen to every song on my iTunes: Not completed. I tried really hard with this one but then my iTunes crashed and erased everything.
  23. Visit NYC: Not completed…but needs to be.
  24. Get a drivers license: Not completed. Yeah yeah I know.
  25. Go dancing: Completed. This was completed this summer in Toronto when we all went out to an Irish bar and just danced like idiots.
  26. Learn guitar again: Not completed.
  27. Buy a professional camera: Completed. It’s my baby.
  28. Have a candlelit dinner: Completed. Jason and I did this several times throughout the year.
  29. Dance in the rain, in the summer: Completed. This was done in Gatineau during a Hedley show. It downpoured. We danced. I got a killer cold.
  30. Go to a concert in a province outside of QC/ON: Completed. Hedley in Deer Lake BC
  31. Read 5 biographies(5/5): Completed. You can look at the side bar to see the 5 I chose. All amazing. All worth reading.
  32. Spend the day with a childhood friend: Completed. I spent a day with Sepideh who, despite not seeing very often, I adore.
  33. Get accepted to Algonquin: Completed. Then I didn’t go. My life would be very different if I had chosen that path.
  34. Play beach volleyball: Not completed.
  35. Have a Disney movie marathon: Completed. This was done in PEI..solely because Jenn was deprived as a child. Movies included Aladdin, Pochahontas, The Little Mermaid, The Lion King, etc
  36. Give up chips for 2 months: Not completed. I’m an addict.
  37. Go without fast food for 3 months: Completed. I didn’t keep count but I know it was longer than 3 months since I went to any fast food restaurant. I don’t include Subway or Tim Hortons in this though. Just the junk like Macdonalds, Harveys, Pizza Hut etc.
  38. Stay away from the internet for 1 week: Completed. In Cuba. Aside from e-mailing my parents to keep them updated.
  39. Watch 50 of IMDB’s Top 250 movies(26/50): Not completed. I’m about half way there.
  40. Visit British Columbia: Completed. Thanks to Jenn I did this TWICE in two years. Amazing.
  41. Become a vegetarian for 1 week: Completed. I’m pretty sure I did it for 6 days so I’m counting that.
  42. Read 3 How To books(1/3): Not completed. This is harder than I thought. I read a How to Beat Anxiety book but that’s all I could think of….
  43. Read 10 Best Sellers(10/10): Completed. Check the side bar for those.
  44. Go without my VISA for 2 weeks(March 19-April 1st ): Completed. Richest weeks of my life.
  45. Spend a weekend at a chalet up north: Completed. This was done twice as well. Once with Jason in January and once with all the girls for my birthday in September. Both were amazing experiences.
  46. Discover 20 new artists(20/20): Completed. This was easy. I blogged about it somewhere on here.
  47. Start up my quotebook again: Completed and not Completed. I did start it up again but I didn’t stay with it.
  48. Study the Russian culture: Not completed
  49. Spend the day in my city as a tourist: Not completed
  50. Find a popular TV series that I’ve never seen and watch every season: Completed. How I Met Your Mother!!!
  51. Visit a country outside of North America: Completed. I visited Cuba.
  52. Go to another province/state for a hockey game: Not completed
  53. Get back to school: Completed. If you count Trebas as school.
  54. Get into a car and drive to a random location. Spend the day there.: Completed. Jason surprised me with a trip to see Matthew Good in Pembroke. We left a day early and stayed in the remote city of Renfrew ON which ended up being so much fun.
  55. Watch the news once a week for 2 months: Completed. I didn’t keep track but I know I watch at least twice a week regardless.
  56. Find an internship in the music industry: Completed. I started working “full time” for CONFRONT.
  57. Make a donation to the Make-A-Wish foundation: Not completed, but will be.
  58. Join Deviantart and get back into photography: Not completed.
  59. Explore the Old Port: Not completed.
  60. Spend the day at a spa: Not completed.
  61. Develop my favorite pictures: Not completed
  62. Play hockey: Not completed.
  63. Buy 2 new board games and have a games night: Completed. I picked up Quelf and Scattegories.
  64. Go to Canadas Wonderland: Completed. Four of us went in June and met up with 3 friends. We made a day of it.
  65. Watch 10 Ewan Mcgregor movies(5/10): Not completed. This will be easy to finish up though. I have been challenging myself by watching movies of his that I’ve never seen before.
  66. Watch 5 documentaries(3/5): Not completed. With Netflix this one will be easy though.
  67. Go skating on a lake: Completed. I did this at the Old Port last winter.
  68. Visit the arboretum: Completed. Took a 2 hour walk with Jason this year right before Thanksgiving.
  69. See Josh Groban in concert: Completed. THREE TIMES THIS YEAR.
  70. Go see a band I’ve never heard of: Completed. I did this several times including Bluesfest in Tremblant.
  71. Learn to sew: Not completed..but I should.
  72. Watch a sunrise/sunset on the same day: Completed. We did this in Cuba:)
  73. Visit Stew in New Brunswick: Completed. Went to visit him last August when we went to PEI. I’m planning to do it again this year.
  74. Lose 5lbs: Completed. Whether I kept it off is another story but during my anxiety phase I lost 10 pounds.
  75. Put 5$ aside for every task completed: Not completed.
  76. Go 1 week without spending any money: Completed. This was another rich week for me.
  77. Try 10 new restaurants(10/10): Completed. I did the majority of this in Vancouver and other random cities.
  78. Complete the 100 Photo Challenge on FlickR: Not completed but I really want to.
  79. Curl my hair: Not completed. Impossible.
  80. Save 10,000$(1000/10000): Not completed. Effing hard.
  81. Read 175 books(65/175)(40): Not completed. Am currently at 104.
  82. Rewatch my home videos(7/7): Completed. This was an awesome trip down memory lane.
  83. Interview 10 bands I’ve never heard of(2/10): Not completed.
  84. Give money to 10 homeless people(6/10): Not completed but getting there.
  85. Learn to cook 25 new recipes(24/25): Not completed. ONE RECIPE TO GO!
  86. See Hedley in the States: Not completed but I sure as hell will this year.
  87. Roadtrip to the States for 3 shows(1/3): Not completed. We went to Wakey!Wakey! but I have more then 2 on my list for the new year.
  88. Read 5 classics(0/5): Not completed. It’s hard when you’re not in an English Class anymore.
  89. Watch 3 music documentaries(3/3): Completed. I watched Hedley, Foo Fighters and Justin Bieber. All awesome.
  90. Join a dance class: Completed. I joined a salsa one with Jason.
  91. Do an entire 45 minute yoga video: Not completed.
  92. Compete the Biggest Loser 1 month challenge DVD: Not completed.
  93. Go to the zoo: Completed. Did this in Toronto
  94. Visit a casino: Completed. Visited the Tremblant casino. Failed miserably.
  95. Build a sandcastle: Completed. Jean Drapeau Beach in Montreal.
  96. Have a Star Wars marathon: Not completed.
  97. Start a journal again: Completed. Didn’t stick with it very well.
  98. Visit 5 new places(5/5): Completed.
  99. Take pictures in a photo booth: Completed. Took these with Jenn. Still haven’t seen them.
  100. Buy someone a present for the hell of it: Completed. Do this for Jason constantly.
  101. Visit Hampton Beach: Not completed.

Now I need to write my blogs about 2012 goals and 2011: A Year in Review.


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