I don’t know when I plan on breathing between now and March 20th. I have so many things planned that I can’t even begin to contain my excitement.

I like 2012. So far(aside from a lack of Josh Groban thus far) it’s been a hell of a lot better than 2011. Don’t get me wrong…I loved the people I spent time with last year but it really had a seriously lack of adventure. People at my work think I’m crazy because they say I’m always out of town or doing something fun but they don’t understand that it’s how I’ve always been. Yes I went places last year but that was nothing compared to years prior to that. I’m used to getting in a car and roadtripping to the most asinine places for a night or two. That’s when I have the best memories. That’s when I enjoy the most laughs.

The other night we were driving to Jenns. The car was packed and the music was blaring. I made Mel pause the music so I could make an announcement. This is what we’ve been missing. Just jamming everyone in a car, putting on a playlist and going somewhere. It’s funny because I’m not someone who likes to be doing something all the time. Maybe that’s why I make up for it in random roadtrips. I don’t go out to bars or clubs or go bowling or out to movies very often. I pile all my money and do this instead.

After another successful DAHFA holiday I said goodbye to the girls who were driving home to the West Island and I stayed over with Jenn. We haven’t just talked in the two of us in forever. I don’t think we moved for 2 hours straight. Rinse and repeat the next morning. We decided since there are so many changes coming our way that for the next few months everything is a YES! We’re going to look for excuses to just do things. No more of this “Well I’m tired…” “Sorry I’m working” crap. We’re young. We should be having the most fun we can. We have the rest of our lives to work full time and sit around.

In other news I keep having dreams that I’m forgetting to pack anything for our trip to Florida. Last night I had a dream that I left my passport at home and when I opened my luggage at the airport i realized that everything I packed was for winter. Let’s not let that happen shall we?

I just wanted to blog quickly since it seems like I’ve been neglecting this one for my Tumblr. lately. I’ll blog more. I swear.



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