QC Cancelled.

Let me clear something up right away. I’m not a heartless bitch. There.

Moving on.

I’ve been looking forward to today since November when Jenn and I woke up at 6am in Vancouver to buy our VIP package for Quebec. I got the tickets in the mail in January. Meet and Greet. Front row. Best friend. When Florida got cancelled I spent every day counting down the moments that would bring me closer to today. I made a playlist. I packed my bag. I picked up some food for the road. I booked a non-refundable hotel. I set my alarm and right before I went to bed I found out the show was cancelled. If I hear one more person say “You have to realize Jakes sick” I might scream. I want nothing more then to see him healthy. A sick Jake isn’t the same on stage. He thrives off his energy and is who he is because of it. It would break my heart to see him struggle on stage. I’d rather see him rest up and come back 100% in a few days.

That being said that doesn’t mean that I’m not devastated. I think anyone who is truly looking forward to something has every single right to be disappointed. Especially when this comes not even two weeks after I couldn’t go to Florida. It’s the whole “Out of 30+ dates WHAT are the chances?” type of thing. What breaks my heart is that I’ve been dying for a trip with one of my best friends. Just like the old days. With this show cancelled and the date being postponed it looks like there’s a good chance that she’ll be out of town when the new date comes around. I think that sucks more than anything.

Anyways I just wanted to ramble and rant a little bit.

I guess the bright side of this(if I can find someone to go with if Jenn is out of town) is that I haven’t experienced it yet. Some of it would be over by now but it isn’t because of the cancellation. So I still have it to look forward to all over again.

And so begins the countdown to the Montreal show in exactly one week….


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