Shipwrecked 2012

I could write pages on these last couple of days but I’ll spare you all the details.

I’m just going to sum it up by saying that it will be 7 years in July that I was first introduced to Hedley/Jake. It will be 7 years in September that I got to meet them for the very first time.Nothing has changed. My crazy love for those 4 boys is the exact same.

Jason and I were driving back from Ottawa yesterday and he turned to me and said he understands now. He understands how this is an escape for me. A chance to sing at the top of my lungs, surrounded by friends who have experienced all of this with me. A chance to dance like a fool and smile for 2 hours straight. A chance to catch a smile and feel your heart warm. I’ve had a lot of people ask my how I can see the same concert over and over again. I can ask them how they can go to the same club or bar every single weekend. It’s the same thing. Everyone has that one thing in their life that makes them happier then anything else. That one place that makes them smile more then they thought possible. Hedley does that to me.

On Monday my nerves were through the roof. I had an interview with My Name is Kay and Classified. Then I had a Hedley meet and greet. Then I had the show. Those butterflies from excitement can’t be replaced for anything in the world. The interviews went perfectly. I got to speak with two very down to earth, genuine artists who were just grateful to be a part of this tour. I also got to stand backstage and listen to I Won’t Let You Go being soundchecked. Those are moments I’ll keep locked away forever. The meet and greet was great.They know how to make every single fan feel like they’re uniquely special and that’s a talent in itself. We had great seats for the show. Right next to the catwalk, a few rows from the stage. The show in itself wasn’t my favorite of theirs. I saw a side of maturity from them that I’ve never seen before though. There was a greater number of ballads which showcased Jakes voice and a few upbeat songs to get the crowd going. I teared up during Old School. They had a slideshow of some of their past moments and I remembered almost every single one of them. It made me realize how far they’ve come and how much I’VE grown up as well. The show ended with Trip which was a great choice as well.

On Wednesday I almost didn’t go to the show. Thank God Jason pushed me. I would normally never miss a show but I’ve been feeling on and off lately and I don’t like pushing it. Somehow we snuck from the 13th row to the 2nd with some of our other Hedley family. The crowd wasn’t as amazing but for some reason I enjoyed the show more. Maybe it’s because I had the chance to dance and just be with people who understood all of it.

These past 2 days were perfect. I wouldn’t change a thing. I also wouldn’t change how I am at shows. As a girl we have a stereotype. “Groupie”. Fine label it whatever you want. Then you can also give a label to those who go to bars every weekend. Or those who love partying. Not everyone goes for the same reasons. I’ve, unfortunately, been exposed to a lot of things I never wanted to see. But I go for the music. I avoid anything else. Sometimes you build friendships. Sometimes you get to know people. It happens when you “work” in the industry and attend as many shows as I do. The difference is can you be that girl who stands out and demands respect? Or are you going to be one who believes your special because you’re easy. The choice is yours but please don’t ever think that you’re any different then any other city. I’m happy with who I am. I don’t care if I chose the harder road. I feel for those girls that need that recognition and who need to feel special if only for a couple of minutes by doing that to themselves. Maybe one day you’ll grow up enough to learn the difference.


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