Come away to the water

First of all…One Tree Hill I am NOT ready for you to end.

It’s so weird how we become so connected to characters on television, in movies and in books. It’s like they become parts of our lives and when a series ends we have to say goodbye as if they were old friends. When Harry Potter came to and end I sobbed throughout the last few pages because I knew I was saying goodbye to characters who I grew up getting to know. When Charmed ended I sobbed like a baby because it was the show that I sat down to watch every single Sunday night, without fail. Now unfortunately it looks like I’ll be saying goodbye again..and at 22 it doesn’t get any easier apparently. I’ll be the first to admit I’m a huge baby. Jason asked me the other day why I cry so much when I watch One Tree Hill. The easiest answer that comes to mind is that the writers and actors did such an incredible job of making me feel like I was there too. I started watching this show during the 3rd season. I had watched it on and off for the first two but I became completely hooked at the beginning of the 3rd. That’s 7 years. That’s a long time to become hooked on Brook, Nathan, Haley and company. It breaks my heart knowing that I have 2 weeks left and then it’ll be over for good and that reruns will be my only way of remembering. Not to mention that this weeks episode absolutely devastated me. I’ve cried a lot for this show but nothing like I did today. I’ve always been a fan of Dan. He’s too good a character. He’s so good that he makes everyone hate him. What they did to his character was the only thing they could do. It was the only way to bring closure to such a strong character. Can I just add that surprising us with Keith was absolute genius?! 2 more weeks…argh.

In other news I woke up today to news of freaking AEROSMITH coming to Laval. My head exploded. Being so immersed in the music industry I get asked a lot who my favorite band is. I always say Hedley but this morning I was really thinking about it and I couldn’t choose between these two bands because they were a part of my life during two completely different times. Aerosmith was my childhood band. I grew up listening to them being blasted throughout the house by my parents and my brother. They were the very first concert I ever attended at 12. It was love at first experience. At 15 I was introduced to Jacob Hoggard and Hedley and that love affair began throughout my teens and now. It’s funny because when you really look at it, Jacob isn’t so far from Steven Tyler. Both have incredibly unique voices and are killer entertainers.  Both bands impacted my life in ways I wish I could put down in words. I’ve been waiting to see Aerosmith again since that very first time. I absolutely cannot wait until July 10th.

This summer is shaping up quite nicely!! Jason and I booked Disney for a week in May. Hedley postponed their Quebec City show for June 1st. The New Cities and Marianas Trench announced a festival in Belleville which I think I’m going to attend since my parents will be 20 minutes away in Picton at that exact time. After that we have the usual summer festivals and I’ve heard a lot of rumors out of the Hedley camp. Then to end off the summer I’ll be heading back to PEI with Jason for a week to visit my brother and just relax in my favorite part of Canada. I couldn’t be more excited.


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