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Come away to the water

First of all…One Tree Hill I am NOT ready for you to end.

It’s so weird how we become so connected to characters on television, in movies and in books. It’s like they become parts of our lives and when a series ends we have to say goodbye as if they were old friends. When Harry Potter came to and end I sobbed throughout the last few pages because I knew I was saying goodbye to characters who I grew up getting to know. When Charmed ended I sobbed like a baby because it was the show that I sat down to watch every single Sunday night, without fail. Now unfortunately it looks like I’ll be saying goodbye again..and at 22 it doesn’t get any easier apparently. I’ll be the first to admit I’m a huge baby. Jason asked me the other day why I cry so much when I watch One Tree Hill. The easiest answer that comes to mind is that the writers and actors did such an incredible job of making me feel like I was there too. I started watching this show during the 3rd season. I had watched it on and off for the first two but I became completely hooked at the beginning of the 3rd. That’s 7 years. That’s a long time to become hooked on Brook, Nathan, Haley and company. It breaks my heart knowing that I have 2 weeks left and then it’ll be over for good and that reruns will be my only way of remembering. Not to mention that this weeks episode absolutely devastated me. I’ve cried a lot for this show but nothing like I did today. I’ve always been a fan of Dan. He’s too good a character. He’s so good that he makes everyone hate him. What they did to his character was the only thing they could do. It was the only way to bring closure to such a strong character. Can I just add that surprising us with Keith was absolute genius?! 2 more weeks…argh.

In other news I woke up today to news of freaking AEROSMITH coming to Laval. My head exploded. Being so immersed in the music industry I get asked a lot who my favorite band is. I always say Hedley but this morning I was really thinking about it and I couldn’t choose between these two bands because they were a part of my life during two completely different times. Aerosmith was my childhood band. I grew up listening to them being blasted throughout the house by my parents and my brother. They were the very first concert I ever attended at 12. It was love at first experience. At 15 I was introduced to Jacob Hoggard and Hedley and that love affair began throughout my teens and now. It’s funny because when you really look at it, Jacob isn’t so far from Steven Tyler. Both have incredibly unique voices and are killer entertainers.  Both bands impacted my life in ways I wish I could put down in words. I’ve been waiting to see Aerosmith again since that very first time. I absolutely cannot wait until July 10th.

This summer is shaping up quite nicely!! Jason and I booked Disney for a week in May. Hedley postponed their Quebec City show for June 1st. The New Cities and Marianas Trench announced a festival in Belleville which I think I’m going to attend since my parents will be 20 minutes away in Picton at that exact time. After that we have the usual summer festivals and I’ve heard a lot of rumors out of the Hedley camp. Then to end off the summer I’ll be heading back to PEI with Jason for a week to visit my brother and just relax in my favorite part of Canada. I couldn’t be more excited.


A dream is a wish your heart makes

I am 110% a child of Disney. I grew up glued to those movies. I had hundreds of toys dedicated to those films. I was a child BECAUSE of Disney. They allowed me to disappear into that world of magic, love and story telling. Funny enough I never actually visited Disney World. My parents weren’t big on the attraction type vacations. We always went to beaches or quaint towns. Don’t get me wrong, I loved every second of it but a part of me still wished and hoped that one day I could visit Disney.

Jason and I have been trying to think of a vacation for May for the past couple of months. We originally thought of Scotland/Ireland but that is out of our price range at the moment. Then we realized that we could fly out from Burlington and go somewhere for a lot cheaper in the States. We thought of visiting LA and driving the coast to San Fransisco but there were a lot of hidden fees and it was too hard to book a package when the vacation was going to be so all over the place. At the end of February, as I blogged previously, I got too sick to go to Florida with the girls. I was heartbroken. Instead I got to sit home and miss out on a week of fun while I worked and moped.

Jason saw every second of it and one night he called me up and told me he found a ridiculous deal for Disney World for 7 nights and 8 days. We sat down and realized we could visit everything. We have access to Disney World, Animal Kingdom. MGM Studios, Epcot, The Universal Parks, Sea World etc. I’m not big on rides but the idea of disappearing to such a magical place instantly won me over. The fact that he was willing to go there because he knew how badly I wanted to go was absolutely amazing. He even told me that he’s more excited to see my reactions then anything else. On top of finally getting to go to Disney I’ll also get to spend a day visiting the Harry Potter world at Universal and other things that I missed in February.

I’m so excited I can’t even explain it. I’m even more excited to go shopping. I’ve spent God knows how much time browsing the Disney Store website over the years and never ordering anything because of the shipping fees. I’m going to have to not bring ANY baggage with my or else I won’t be able to bring everything home with me.

In 71 days I’ll be stepping foot into Disney World and finally getting to see the Disney castle up close.

It’s a girls dream.

Did I do something to warrant this karma?

This week keeps handing me disappointments like it’s candy.

First of all if I’m writing right now I’m clearly not in Florida. Thanks to a panic attack. I woke up at 3:45am. I got dressed and as I was sitting at my vanity doing my hair I just felt it. To those who don’t suffer from them it might be easy to say “Oh just breathe and try and distract yourself” but to those of us who actually experience them it’s terrifying. I had to be out the door at 4am. I was still sitting in my kitchen, unable to move, at 4:30am. By then it was too late for me to be able to run to the airport. At the same time when that strikes you don’t know what triggered it and you sure as hell don’t want that happening at the airport, on the airplane or in Florida. So I had to make a terrible decision. I chose not to go. I lost all the money I put down for the trip. I lost a week away with two best friends. As if that wasn’t bad enough.

Since I was supposed to be in Florida this week I turned down a FREE meet and greet pass with my favorite band and tickets to their show in Kingston with my best friend. She asked someone else. Sucks for me that I’m in town now. On top of that I sold my tickets to Simple Plan this Thursday because, yet again, I wasn’t supposed to be in town. Now I find out that I might not be able to go to the Hedley show in Ottawa and if I do I’m most likely going alone. I really just want to cry.

A part of me is just really sad because from 2006-2010 I was having the time of my life. Don’t get me wrong. I’m still getting amazing opportunities and I’m still having fun but it’s not the same kind of fun. I miss roadtrips with my best friends. I miss getting in the car with them and driving and singing at the top of our lungs. I miss us being girls and running to the hotel room to get ready. I miss our squealing and our hysterical giggle fits. I see so many people my age who are still going with groups of their friends on roadtrips. And not just to one show. They’re doing what we used to do. They’re making a mini tour out of it and yet they work and balance all of this out too. The last time we did that was in May. Almost a year ago. I miss it terribly.

In summary…this week I get to do nothing remotely fun and go to work instead. I’ve told myself I need to be more positive. Hell I’m trying but sometimes life is cruel.




I don’t know when I plan on breathing between now and March 20th. I have so many things planned that I can’t even begin to contain my excitement.

I like 2012. So far(aside from a lack of Josh Groban thus far) it’s been a hell of a lot better than 2011. Don’t get me wrong…I loved the people I spent time with last year but it really had a seriously lack of adventure. People at my work think I’m crazy because they say I’m always out of town or doing something fun but they don’t understand that it’s how I’ve always been. Yes I went places last year but that was nothing compared to years prior to that. I’m used to getting in a car and roadtripping to the most asinine places for a night or two. That’s when I have the best memories. That’s when I enjoy the most laughs.

The other night we were driving to Jenns. The car was packed and the music was blaring. I made Mel pause the music so I could make an announcement. This is what we’ve been missing. Just jamming everyone in a car, putting on a playlist and going somewhere. It’s funny because I’m not someone who likes to be doing something all the time. Maybe that’s why I make up for it in random roadtrips. I don’t go out to bars or clubs or go bowling or out to movies very often. I pile all my money and do this instead.

After another successful DAHFA holiday I said goodbye to the girls who were driving home to the West Island and I stayed over with Jenn. We haven’t just talked in the two of us in forever. I don’t think we moved for 2 hours straight. Rinse and repeat the next morning. We decided since there are so many changes coming our way that for the next few months everything is a YES! We’re going to look for excuses to just do things. No more of this “Well I’m tired…” “Sorry I’m working” crap. We’re young. We should be having the most fun we can. We have the rest of our lives to work full time and sit around.

In other news I keep having dreams that I’m forgetting to pack anything for our trip to Florida. Last night I had a dream that I left my passport at home and when I opened my luggage at the airport i realized that everything I packed was for winter. Let’s not let that happen shall we?

I just wanted to blog quickly since it seems like I’ve been neglecting this one for my Tumblr. lately. I’ll blog more. I swear.


Mid October Update

First of all…Habs it would mean the world to me if you could win a second game this season.  Maybe? I still miss Saku.

I’ve been so overwhelmed trying to jam everything into my schedule before leaving for Vancouver for 2 weeks. Also let me just say that anxiously counting down for something is torture. I keep dreaming that I’m there already or at the airport or that I’m packing my luggage. Then I wake up and I have a week to go. That being said I have a full 7 days in front of me so I know it should go by fairly quickly.

Tomorrow is my foot tattoo. I’m absolutely terrified about the pain but I’ve been wanting this for 3 years now and I have to suck it up and just do it. I know how happy I’ll be once it’s done. After that Jason and I are headed to trade in super old nintendo and gameboy things in return for N64 games. When did I turn into a nintendo geek? I found our old N64 in the closet the other day and so many memories came rushing back to me. I spent a good handful of my nights as a kid playing Super Nintendo & N64 with my brother. We owned at Kirby let me just say. So Jason and I are going to revamp it and add some classic games. Then this summer I’ll be picking up the Super Nintendo from my brother. Apparently we’re planning on having a gaming room when we move out. Goodbye boyfriend.

I still have 3 shifts before I leave next Thursday and that includes an incredibly fun training session early Sunday morning. Sarcasm. That’s okay though because 24 hours and one Live Nation shift and I’m GONE for 12 days. Reunited with friends in Van and my best friend. I did my Halloween shopping last week and I’m super excited about the costumes I chose. I love getting dressed up. I really have no clue how I plan on packing all this stuff though. I’m the queen of overpacking.

I’m so antsy to get back to Vancouver. While I’d never ever want to live there(too far from home), I absolutely LOVE visiting it. Jason and I have also been seriously discussing something for the last couple of days and it looks like it might just happen. I don’t want to say anything until we find a way to make all of it work.

What else?

Oh yes..Hedley will be in town on November 10th. First time in over a year. The best part? I’m not even sure I got a spot to see them. That feels good when I’ve supported the band for over 6+ years. I realize fans come with success but I wish there was something there that guaranteed that those fans that have been there from the beginning aren’t left out on the street. Their brand new album comes out while I’m in Vancouver so I’ll be grabbing that before coming home.

Now that I’ve rambled I get to go make a list of places I want to visit in Vancouver.

I need to blog more…

That being said, I stole this off Mels blog:)

The A-Z of ME.

A. Age: 22
B. Bed size: Double
C. Chore that you hate: I’m a bit of an OCD neat freak so I love things like doing dishes and cleaning but I’m really not huge on dusting. I will if I have to but I won’t go out of my way to dust everything…
D. Dogs: We put our doggy down in Summer 2009 I believe. He was a Shetland Collie and one of the sweetest, most loving dogs you’ll ever meet.
E. Essential start to your day: Sleep? I need to have had a good nights rest or Im the laziest person in the world. Lets just say i am the furthest thing from a morning person and people should stay away…..
F. Favorite color: Teal! I dont know why. One day I just decided that it was the color I loved the most.
G. Gold or Silver: Gold
H. Height: 5’7″
I. Instruments you play: I used to be able to play guitar but I , very unfortunately, lost interest when I was younger and havent started back up. Its definitely on my to do list though. Id love to learn that and the piano.
J. Job title: Student(for one more day), bookseller, music correspondent, live nation ticket rep, intern….
K. Kids: Maybe. Not any time soon thats for sure.
L. Live: Montreal
M. Mother’s name: Corinne
N. Nicknames: Well my name is constantly mispronounced on a regular basis. Does that count? Other than that Jen or Schubox
O. Overnight hospital stays: When I was 4 I was in the hospital for 3 weeks with a terrible stomach flu. Ive been since then but never overnight thank god.
P. Pet peeves: Where do I begin?! People who brag, people who walk slow, people who are inconsiderate of the feelings of those around them, HYPOCRITES, people who are rude, people who flick their nails, spiders, overly aggressive people…I could do this all night
Q. Quote from a movie: “The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return” – Moulin Rouge
R. Right or left handed: Right
S. Siblings: One older brother
U. Underwear: Only if theyre cute

V. Vegetable you hate: Im huge on vegetables EXCEPT RED PEPPERS. Other than that I dont like when people broil brocolli or other things. I prefer them raw

W. What makes you run late: I’m super punctual so usually nothing. Sometimes other peoples tardiness though…or underestimating how long it’ll take me to get somewhere
X. X-Rays you’ve had: ECG and dental ones
Y. Yummy food that you make: I just learned how to make an awesome pizza. This year I can proudly say Ive learned almost 20 new recipes. What else? Smoothies, omlettes, cream puffs, banana chocolate cake, cucumber salad etc
Z. Zoo animal: POLAR BEARS:) or the orangutans

Tattoos and more.

While Jason and I were up north last week he suggested that we get a small tattoo before our big ones in October. I’ve wanted a tattoo for 3 years now with a special meaning behind the one I’ve chosen. The only problem is that it’s a foot tattoo and fairly large and I was terrified that I wouldn’t be able to handle the pain. Getting a small one was a great idea in my head because it helped me feel out what it would be like to have a needle digging into my skin.

Somehow he got me to get it just a week after we discussed it. I chickened out the first time and postponed it by a week. Then I figured I couldn’t cancel a second time. So Jason dragged me down to the tattoo place and I shook like a complete maniac for the entire car ride and walk to the place. We had to sit for 30 minutes while she prepped and I was sure I was going to pass out. When she called us in I was ready to walk right by her and out the front door. I decided to go first because I couldn’t sit there and watch first. She started on my wrist and I couldn’t believe how much it didn’t hurt. I was squeezing Jasons hand like crazy which helped a lot but it honestly was nothing like what I had imagined. All of it took 10 minutes and then it was my turn to watch Jason go. The final result? The girl on my wrist and the guy on Jasons:

A lot of people are going to judge for us getting tattoos that go together, especially since we’ve only been going out for 9 months. To those people I say…I really don’t give a shit what your opinion is. I imagine those people haven’t met the person they’re going to spend the rest of their lives with. I also imagine they don’t know what it feels like to be head over heels in love. When I met Jason I just knew and that’s as easily as I can explain it. I thank my lucky stars that I know he’ll be there for me for the rest of my life. That’s my little sappy post.

In other news I’m going to see The Help on Friday!! I just finished the book and loved it.

Some summer ramblings.

Wow I’ve been doing a great job of keeping this up to date. Damn tumblr has become too addictive(

What’s been new? Well I’ve had the last two weeks off from classes thank the lord. It was exactly what I needed and I’m slowly starting to work more shifts at work. It’s still a daily struggle but it’s one that I’m slowly learning to live with and not be afraid of.  I’m also getting used to the idea of having one of the closest and most important people in my life on the other side of the country. She left to go set up apartment visits and job interviews and I’m so ridiculously proud of her and incredibly sad all at the same time. That being said it’s looking like the trip down to see her in October is going to be epic. We already have a hockey game and a Jacks Mannequin/The Academy Is show planned. Plus girls nights which will be long overdue by then. I’ll also FINALLY be getting my tattoo while I’m down there.

The last week has been hectic. On Saturday night Jason and I went to the Craig Ferguson show which was amazing, as expected. We both discovered we had a common love for this man within the first month of our dating. He’s so crazy and over the top that it’s impossible not to laugh at everything he does. I read his biography about two months ago and if I didn’t know that he’d been off drugs for years, I’d think he was still on them. He was great as the gala host and what’s extra special is that he’s never scripted. He just goes with things and makes it funny. I respect comedians like that. We watched 6 acts. The first two, a British and Aussie guy, were hilarious. The Canadian and American did nothing for me. Then came a ventriloquist lady who was talented but who creeped me out unfortunately because I can’t help thinking that those people actually talk to their puppets away from audiences too. The last guy was Scottish and ended off the show quite nicely. By then I was holding my eyelids open since it was 12:30am but it was worth it! Plus our seats were amazing!

On Sunday night the DAHFA gang(minus Jenn and pluss Jason) got together at my place. We walked to Piazza Romana and enjoyed way too much fried zucchini sticks and other things. Then we went for a walk in the village and ended the night with a game of Wii at my house. It’s amazing that Laura has been gone for almost a year, yet it doesnt’ feel like she left at all. When she;s with us it just feels complete again. I’ve said this before but I honestly have the greatest friends in the entire world. I laugh like crazy whenever I’m with them and I’ll never ever forget how lucky I am.

I’m also rushing to finish off the book I’m reading right now because I FINALLY picked up Sisterhood Everlasting and I can’t wait to get started on it. I plan on crying. A lot.

In television news….I think I have a serious problem. I’m completely and utterly addicted to Big Brother. I’ve never in my life watched anything that makes me want to punch a hole through my television or mumble to myself as much as this show. I get so hooked every single season. You’d think i’d be over it by now? Nope. This is my 8th season and I’m still as nuts about it as ever. It’s a shame people don’t give this show a chance. Yes there as stupid and overly dramatic people on the show for extra ratings but it’s actually incredibly smart. It takes someone with a great game play to be able to win at the end. I’d never be able to do it.

Upcoming events.

Things I’m anxiously awaiting in July?

July 16th: WARPED TOURRRR. The line up blows this year but I don’t even care. I might be doing interviews backstage all day which would be fun but if not I’ll be wandering the concert site looking at band merch and watching new bands! It’s the perfect opportunity to discover new acts. Plus 3OH!3 again:)

July 22nd: Jason surprised me with 2nd row tickets to Josh Groban in Ottawa. We were originally supposed to go, back when the tour was announced, but Jason thought he’d be working so we never actually purchased the tickets. Now that he’s not he went ahead and bought a pair to surprise me with and I couldn’t be more excited!! We’re going to swing by and visit a friend in Ottawa before we head to the show and then we get to stay at the Delta City Center that night!

July 23rd: Oh hey Josh Groban PART 2. There’s a tiny chance that I’ll be getting the chance to interview him. I don’t want to think about it because then I’ll start hyperventilating. I have 4th row tickets, dead center, to his show in Montreal with Jenn. Even though it’s two days in a row I’m getting antsy.

July 27th: HARRRYYY POTTER. Okay maybe not officially this day but Jason, his sister and her boyfriend and I are going to go watch the final movie together at some point during this week. I’m incredibly excited and depressed all mixed into one. I don’t want it to end:(

July 29th: Eminem at Osheaga. I haven’t actually purchased tickets to this but if it doesn’t sell out or rain I’m going to pick up a pair for Jason and I. I’ve always wanted to see him AND I’ve always wanted to rap in public.

July 30th: CRAIG FERGUSON. He’s basically been a big part of my relationship with Jason. We stay up as often as we can to watch him and the second we found out he was coming we knew we had to buy tickets! Our seats are pretty decent and it’s for the 10PM show so it should be fun!

July 8th weekend

I decided I’m going to blog about every day happenings again. I stopped during my 100 things in 100 days challenge but I’m back to it! It’s fun to keep a bit of a journal of what’s going on.

Last week I headed up North to Tremblant with Jason to meet up with his parents. The fact that he endures some of my music is amazing. More amazingly is the fact that he endures my singing. I had been to Tremblant before but only for one night and we got rained out so this was my chance to really explore. The condo/hotel room was super cute with a great view. On the first day there we walked around the village, played in the games room downstairs and then took a gondola ride over the mountain to the casino. It was actually my very first time in a casino and while Jasons parents did fairly well, the two poor students just lost money. At least I’ll never have a gambling addiction right? We ate dinner at a restaurant in the village and I had the most amazing clam chowder. I want to go back just for the food.

Then on Saturday we woke up at the crack of dawn and went to eat breakfast at a crepes restaurant. I thought getting a ham and cheese one would be a safe bet for 8am. Nope. It was so stuffed with cheese that even now when I think of it I get a tiny bit queasy. Then we grabbed our stuff and walked down to the little beach around the corner where we stayed for a few hours and soaked up some sun. I miss swimming in the lake. Up until the age of 15 my family had a cottage and I spent almost every day of those summers in the water. Then we headed back to Tremblant and walked around some more but by then it was jammed packed with people for the Bluesfest. We had dinner at Caseys Bar & Grill and then called it a night.

Sunday was Mels 22nd birthday so we drove back into the city for brunch at Chez Coras. I’m still not sure how I ate all that food this weekend and a)I’m not 600lbs and b)I didn’t explode. It was all delicious though. Food makes me happy. Is that so wrong? It’s always fun to celebrate a best friends birthday and she FINALLY got her Hal Gill shirt.  Here’s to MANY hockey nights this coming season.

Finally, Jason and I have decided that once a week we’re going to start cooking together or else we’ll be living off kraft dinner and instant pasta forever. So on Sunday night we had the house to ourselves. I took care of the vegetable side and he took care of the main meal. I made tomatoes with boccocini cheese and pesto. He made a pasta with rosé sauce, hungarian salami, zucchini and onions. It was all pretty delicious and no one got food poisoning!!


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