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This summer is overwhelming. Last year I complained that nothing good was happening and this year I’m a bit stressed out with the amount of shows actually coming to and around Montreal. That being said I’ve decided I’m not missing out on any of them. You only live once so live it up.

First weekend of June was a roadtrip to Quebec City to see the Hedley guys. Probably one of the most epically amazing days of my life. When everything falls into place so smoothly then you know it’s going to turn things around. It was like 2005-2006  all over again. Something I didn’t think would be possible. It was an opportunity to escape with one of my closest friends and just be girls again. We danced in our hotel rooms. We laughed on the big screens. We giggled in parking lots. I loved every second of it. I don’t regret one second of the last 7 years when it comes to those 4 guys. They’ve changed my life in ways they don’t even know. Here’s to more days like that this summer.

Lately Jason has been trying to convince me to go on a spontaneous roadtrip with him. I always found excuses not to. Not because I didn’t want to be with him but because I felt like work, responsibilities and money would get in my way. On Thursday I attended a funeral. It was my first one in almost 10 years and hopefully my last one for at least another 10. It made me realized that this is the only life I’m going to get. I spend so much of it rationalizing everything and worrying about every detail. I need to get out of that mind set and just be me. So I told Jason to pick a place and we’d go. Fuck my credit card. I’ll figure that out as I go along. He booked NYC for one night and we hopped in a car less than 30 hours later and drove to a city that I’ve always wanted to experience. Even the border guard gave us a funny look when we said we were only going for one day. 12 hours of sitting in a car for about 24 hours of fun.

The drive was quick. We survived getting into the city and even managed to not be honked. We hopped on a bus tour, with the craziest tour guide ever, and got to learn about part of one of the most historical cities in the world. This place just oozes history and stories. The architecture was beautiful as well. It’s nice to see a city trying to preserve their buildings rather then just tearing them down and building new ones in that spot. We wandered Times Square and ate dinner at Olive Garden. We bumped into one of my favorite people on this planet, Josh Groban and I became 10 years old all over again. The next day we took a boat tour around the entire island of Manhattan and paid a visit to Lady Liberty. Smaller then I expected up close. Then we shopped, well I did, like idiots until it was time to leave. Somehow I did a 4 story Forever 21 and only left with two necklaces and a dress. Talent. The drive back was beautiful and everything about the trip just made me happy. I got to disappear for 48 hours with the love of my life. I got to do something so spontaneous that even I couldn’t wrap my head around where I was when I was standing in Times Square. Everyone needs to do this. Just get in your car and go. Book a last second vacation. Nothing feels better then the unexpected things in life.

This coming weekend is a trip to Belleville with a car full of people I love. Then I’m hopping over to Toronto for 3 days with friends to get a glimpse of the MMVA’s and just pay a visit to one of my favorite cities. I need this. I need to just escape from my thoughts for a few months. In August I’ll sit down and try to figure out parts of my life but right now I just need to be a kid again and smile at the little things.

“This next song goes out to all the beautiful girls in the room. I just want to remind you that beauty is so much more than what you see in the mirror, and don’t you ever let anybody else tell you different.” – Jacob Hoggard



I don’t know when I plan on breathing between now and March 20th. I have so many things planned that I can’t even begin to contain my excitement.

I like 2012. So far(aside from a lack of Josh Groban thus far) it’s been a hell of a lot better than 2011. Don’t get me wrong…I loved the people I spent time with last year but it really had a seriously lack of adventure. People at my work think I’m crazy because they say I’m always out of town or doing something fun but they don’t understand that it’s how I’ve always been. Yes I went places last year but that was nothing compared to years prior to that. I’m used to getting in a car and roadtripping to the most asinine places for a night or two. That’s when I have the best memories. That’s when I enjoy the most laughs.

The other night we were driving to Jenns. The car was packed and the music was blaring. I made Mel pause the music so I could make an announcement. This is what we’ve been missing. Just jamming everyone in a car, putting on a playlist and going somewhere. It’s funny because I’m not someone who likes to be doing something all the time. Maybe that’s why I make up for it in random roadtrips. I don’t go out to bars or clubs or go bowling or out to movies very often. I pile all my money and do this instead.

After another successful DAHFA holiday I said goodbye to the girls who were driving home to the West Island and I stayed over with Jenn. We haven’t just talked in the two of us in forever. I don’t think we moved for 2 hours straight. Rinse and repeat the next morning. We decided since there are so many changes coming our way that for the next few months everything is a YES! We’re going to look for excuses to just do things. No more of this “Well I’m tired…” “Sorry I’m working” crap. We’re young. We should be having the most fun we can. We have the rest of our lives to work full time and sit around.

In other news I keep having dreams that I’m forgetting to pack anything for our trip to Florida. Last night I had a dream that I left my passport at home and when I opened my luggage at the airport i realized that everything I packed was for winter. Let’s not let that happen shall we?

I just wanted to blog quickly since it seems like I’ve been neglecting this one for my Tumblr. lately. I’ll blog more. I swear.


Thanksgiving Weekend

I used to think that summer was my favorite time of year but as I grow up I realize that nothing beats a beautiful fall day. There’s something about the smell of leaves and all the colors that bring me back to my childhood and just make me relaxed. I could walk for hours outdoors. The first real weekend of fall for me is always thanksgiving. I don’t know why, it just is.

On Friday night Mel, Jason, Caitlin, Sophie & I all went downtown for the Wakey!Wakey! show at ilMotore. We had a very fast dinner at Mikes, I got mine 20 minutes after everyone else and then headed over to the venue. I saw this band for the first time back in May with Jenn & Mel in Burlington. We’d all heard Mike Grubbs music on One Tree Hill and it was a love affair from there. His albums are probably in my Top 3 as is his band. It’s not only his music, it’s who he is as a musician. I’ll explain.

The show opened with Casey Shea another artist signed to Family Records. At this show we met the head of the label and I’ve realized that THIS is the type of label I want to work for. One that is family oriented and who treats their artists as musicians, not spoiled superstars. Caseys set was amazing and he made everyone laugh for the 30 minutes he was on the stage. After that Wakey!Wakey! hit the stage. I’m not going to lie, I was super suprised that the venue sold out. When we met Mike in Burlington he told us all about how much he wanted to come to Montreal so when the show was booked I was a little bit afraid that he’d be let down by our city and not want to come back. Boy was I wrong. I’m so proud to be a music fan in Montreal. We have kickass crowds.

When Wakey!Wakey! hit the stage the entire building shook. Mike & Tanya played for almost 2 straight hours. The crowd sang along for almost every single song and even sang the background vocals during Twenty Two. Mike kept stopping to laugh and tell the crowd how blown away he was by the reception they were getting. It was his first time in the city and he admitted that it was officially his favorite show and that we were the best crowd he’d ever played for. Nothing makes me smile more than a musician who DESERVES IT making it. He played long past the end of his set and told the crowd that he wanted to meet every singe person. During his set he casually talked non stop to the crowd and smiled the entire time. I have so much respect for this man as a muscian as well as a person. These are the people who should be huge in the music industry. Those artists who have worked hard and who are humbled by their fame. Not people like Rihanna and Kanye West who have heads too big to enter stadiums.

After the show we spoke with Wesley from Family records a little bit more and thanked Mike for playing an amazing show. I’m so excited to see a show in the near future.

On Saturday morning Jason & I headed to the Morgan Arboretum for a long walk through the woods. This has become tradition for me every thanksgiving weekend. I love walking through the trees and looking at all the color changes and enjoying the complete silence. The only part that is never fun is all the mud. After that we headed back to my house for a small thanksgiving dinner with my grandmother and godmother and I ate my weight in stuffing, which is generally what happens.

Only 18 more days until Vancouver and in that time I have to get through 9 shifts, a hair cut, a foot tattoo, pumpkin picking, a concert, a habs game….YAY!.

Let’s Get Connected

I really don’t know why I’m not blogging as much anymore. I don’t like this one bit.

Where do I even start?

School is finished. It’s a bittersweet kind of thing. I remember the very first day that Jenn and I stepped foot into the school. I was nervous out of my mind about the people I’d have to spend the next year with. We sat at a seperate table in the cafeteria for a good week and stuck to each other like glue. We slowly adapted to everything and realized how awesome our classmates were. The first semester was the most memorable for me. It felt like the one where I genuinely learned the most and had the best teachers. We also got to know everyone and form friendships(and a relationship in my case). I studied contracts, the music industry, communication and my very first marketing class. It was my first time back in school after 2 years and it felt so good. Things went downhill after the second semester started. It felt like I wasn’t learning as much and that the administration didn’t really listen to the students needs. I remember thinking that I only had 6 months left. Now I’m completely done. It was tough to say goodbye to everyone and leave the security blanket of school. I am on the fence with Trebas. I did learn a lot and I find myself informing people about music related things that I didn’t know a thing about before I went to the school. At the same time I don’t believe that it was worth the money that my family and I spent on it. Now comes the internship time where I have to figure out where the rest of my life will take me.

The Trebas Gang minus 3

I had a tough couple of days once school ended. I realized that now was the time where I had to start seriously pursuing a career. I’ve applied at multiple places for internships and heard nothing back. Meanwhile people around me have gotten amazing ones. It’s frustrating. It’s hard when you come to the realization that this industry is very different from regular jobs. You can’t just walk into an office with a CV and apply for a job against the very best. There aren’t ads for jobs in newspapers or on the internet. It’s by word of mouth. It’s all about who you know. So I know I’m going to miss tons of great job opportunities because I wasn’t informed and therefore I didn’t get the chance to apply. I’ve also realized that I need to focus on making as much money as possible this year because my heart is with Toronto and I want to be there within the next year. That being said I can’t start a great job and then leave it. Instead I’ll intern and work here and when it comes time to move I’ll start seriously pursuing something. I put a lot of pressure on myself and I have to realize that at the age of 23 I HAVE done a lot of good for myself in this industry. I just have to keep working at it.

When I leave..this is what I’ll miss the most

Now that school has ended I’ve taken on more responsibility with CONFRONT Magazine. I’ve also decided to do more interviews. That started with one with The New Cities on the 12th of September. Everyone knows how much I adore those 6 guys and how proud I am for all the success that has come their way. From 2008-2010 I saw them 38 times. Then in the past year I saw them zero times. It’s been weird and I’ve realized how much I’ve missed having their music and their personalities in my life. It was great to be reunited with them at the Sony Offices. Then Jenn, Jason & I roadtripped to Kitchener for a sporadic show date before Jenn disappeared to Vancouver for 3 months. We spent the car ride singing at the top of our lungs and then in Kitchener we danced like idiots to some of the music that made us happiest. We headed back to Jasons best friends house that night and ordered Chinese and played Quelf. I went to bed more relaxed that night then I’d been in 5 months. I realized then how much music really does cure people. I had missed going to shows and dancing like and idiot with best friends and singing at the top of my lungs. The fact that I have a boyfriend who is more than happy to come with me is the cherry on top.

Dance Parties in Kitchener

Finally, after almost a year of waiting The New Cities played a show in Montreal this past Monday evening. I can’t explain how good it felt to be in familiar territory again. Surrounded by friends made through music and professionals in the industry. I felt right at home. It’s so great to turn around and see a friendly face. Sony did an amazing job of setting up an evening to remember. The show was amazing and the new album has been on repeat since yesterday morning. I feel like my year was lacking SEVERLEY in shows. Now it’s as if everything’s picking up just as school has ended. Let the good times begin….


Josh Groban X2.

The other night after the 1st Josh Groban show I was lying in bed with my boyfriend and he asked me what the best show I ever went to was. I used to always answer the same ones from back in 2009 but then I realized it was more about the experience throughout those days that made them special, not necessarily the show. Then I realized that the two best shows I’ve ever seen in my life were probably Something Corporate last August and Josh Groban in Ottawa two days ago.

On Friday afternoon Jason and I left for Ottawa. We made a quick stop at Athenas to catch up and hug her dog a little and then we headed to Scotiabank Arena. I really don’t like it there. I don’t understand how Ottawa Sens fans can enjoy driving out to bumf*ck nowhere to watch their games. I guess when you’re spoiled with the Bell Center nothing can really compare. So we found our seats, 2nd row on the left of the stage on the floor. Jason bought these tickets about 2 weeks before we left as a surprise and I still can’t believe that he found such incredible places. The show started at exactly 8pm with opening act Elew. Normally I’m not huge on instrumentals but he was incredible to watch. He played modern songs on the piano but with new spins to them. He opened with Mr Brightside from The Killers and went from there. He would go from one song into an other so easily that it made me want to get up on the stage and sit down at the piano and try.  He was amazing to watch.

Then at exactly 9pm Josh hit the stage. I normally go to shows that are General Admission for Josh Groban shows have been a whole new experience for me. He started the show off in the center of the arena singing “Changing Colors” and then proceeded to play 2 more songs there. Then he ran through the crowd and got on the stage right in front of us. His voice is absolutely flawless. If it’s possible it’s even better live than on a CD. His voice is so powerful that it belongs in an arena. I definitely started crying when he started to sing The War At Home. I’m not going to go on and on about this but I think he’s officially the person in the music industry that I just love and respect the most. Never in my life have I seen a musician create such an intimate show with so many people. He joked and talked to the crowd, he answered fan questions and he even brought someone on stage to sing with him. Something else I noticed was how he involves his musicians and doesn’t center the show around himself. He introduced all of his musicians, pointed them all out during solos and then bowed with them in the end. They all looked like they were having an incredible time and that made it even more fun to watch.

I was going to write all about the Montreal show but both were very similar and completely mind blowing. All I can do is suggest his show a millions times over to those who have never been. I didn’t want to get up and leave. Even when he was singing in Portugese & French it was so breath taking. This is what celebrities and musicians etc should be all about. Those idiots who let fame change them shouldn’t be allowed to be role models in kids lives. It should be people like Josh Groban who remain humble  despite massive amounts of fame. Seeing him smile on stage is so amazing because it’s so genuine. Seeing his musicians laugh and have a good time is incredible because you can tell they love what they do because their “boss” loves what he does. He’s my music idol.

NYC in November? Maybe? Please?

Dance So Good.

What’s been new?

I’ve found myself blogging less about little things since I started doing these “100 things that make me happy” blog posts. I felt the urge to write one today though since a lot has been going on.

When is there not a shit ton of things going on in the music world in my life? On May 3rd the ladies and I finally piled into Jenns car for a road trip to Burlington where Wakey!Wakey! was playing. We first discovered Mike Grubbs music while he was on One Tree Hill. Since then his stuff has been on repeat on our iPods. If you’ve never heard of him that I can sum it up in a few words. He’s got one of the most mesmerizing voices which he accents by playing the piano and having a violinist, electric keyboardist, guitarist and drummer in his band. His music actually has depth, unlike a lot of what is on the radio these days. It saddens me that not many people know about him. I feel like everything this man touches turns to gold.

So we roadtripped, with our pile of food in the backseat, across the border and to University Mall where we shopped. Then we stopped at Applebees for dinner. As we sat down I turned and noticed Mike Grubbs sitting at the bar right next to us. Small world. Then we headed to the venue for what would be one of the best shows of my life. The opening band Pretty and Nice damaged my ears. Then came Wakey!Wakey! who played a super intimate show, interacting with the crowd in between every song, and sounding even better than the CD(if that’s possible). We had the chance to meet Mike after the show and I was blown away by what a down to earth and hilarious guy he is. It’s so fun to meet artists like him when so many others(who have even smaller careers) have egos the size of Burlington. That being said, his band remains in my Top 5 and I’m so excited to get the chance to see him again.

I’ve also been overwhelming myself with new music lately. I got The Wombats CD which is incredibly cute. I love British artists. They just know how to make music. I also found myself addicted to Hey Rosetta!, Adele, Mother Mother and Cage The Elephant. Nothing makes me happier than discovering new music. One day my computer will implode from the amount of music I listen to. On top of that Steven Tyler, my music idol, came out with a brand new songs and I immediately purchased it. I was devastated to find out that Aerosmith had broken up back in September but if he’s still making music then a part of me just got a bit happier.

Other than that Summer is FINALLY here. I’ve spent the last few days lying out in the sun. It’s a great excuse to finish a good book. It seems that in the winter I watch too many movies and in the summer I read too many books. I keep running from book store to book store filling up my book shelf and I really need to start reading them before I get more. I’m currently finishing up Portia De Rossi’s autobiography “Unbearable Lightness.” I’ve been addicted to biographies lately. I’ve finished up 4 in the last two months and I plan on going to get Steven Tylers within the next two months as well. I also picked up Shania Twains new one for Jason yesterday which Id love to read this summer at some point.

Schools almost over which means one week of exams and then CUBA. I’ve already started to put things aside for the trip. In 11 sleeps I’ll be on the beach surrounded by absolute silence. I need this more than anything right now. I’ve been struggling with stress for the last 3 weeks to the point where I feel physically and emotionally drained. That’ll teach me to ever take anything that needs a prescription. All it does is fuck with the body. It’s been a struggle but I’m very slowly gaining control and my parents and Jason have been there every step of the way to help me get through it. It’s not a fun feeling believe me.

I’m moving along on my 101 goals in 1001 days list. I’ve decided to post an updated version of what’s been completed once I’m done my 100 Things That Make Me Happy list. I also plan on blogging more once that’s done with.

30 Day Music Challenge: Day 7

Day 07 – A song that reminds you of a certain event:

I’m going to start off by saying that I’ve been a fan of these guys since their very first tour back in 2006. The thing is, due to their lack of touring, they fell off the planet for me a little bit. When they released their first album I fell in love with this song but it never meant anything to me. Not until they went on tour in April 2010.

I’ll be the first to say that I wish I could remove large chunks of last year but not this. This managed to put a smile on my face regardless of all the shit I was putting myself through. Faber Drive went on tour with my exes’ band for a little mini tour and Jenn, Mel & I took the opportunity to jump back on the road for two random, hick Quebec town, shows.

I’ll spare the details but the best part of the mini tour was getting to see these guys play again. Their music brought back memories of my teenage years and put a smile on my face. It was during their last show, in Drummondville, when they started to play this song that I knew it would be stuck in my mind forever. I was having a tough day and Jenn and Mel decided to get me to rock out with them at the merch in the back. They grabbed hold of me and started swaying and reminded me that I have the best friends in the entire world. Faber noticed and made the moment that much better.

Then a few months later in July, when things were at an all time low for me, the same girls and I hopped into a car and went to Brockville. Completely away from everyone and everything. It was during that song that we held onto each other again, I forgot all the shit going on, and Faber noticed once more. It’s moments like those and events like those that will always have a place in my heart.

It truly shows that music can get you through the hard times.

“When I’m With You” – Faber Drive I chose the video from the Drummondville show that a girl took. 1 minute in I always smile.

30 Day Music Challenge: Day 5

Day 05 – A song that reminds you of someone

Oh this one could take awhile. It’s so rare that I fall in love with a song to the point that when it comes on my iPod I never, ever change it. I’ve blogged in the past about the best month of my life. When The New Cities, The Februarys and Ten Second Epic toured across Canada. Jenn, Mel & I went to five shows that spanned from Montreal to Toronto and every single night was an incredible experience. It’s an escape for us to be able to drop everything and just get in Jenns car and disappear. Some people love to party every weekend, I’ve always loved to road trip.

It was there that we met the guys from the Febs, who in turn would become good friends. This song brings back a lot of memories for me and it will always remind me of my two best friends and all the new friends we made on that tour.

Not to mention we got the chance to be in the music video when the guys filmed it in Toronto.

Love’s completely real.

Wednesday March 9th(Day 20): Trebas. I’ve had a love hate relationship with this school but in the end there’s been a lot of good things that have come out of me going there. I’ve found myself correcting people when it comes to things to do with the industry and I’m surprised by how much I’m actually retaining. I can’t imagine having gone into the industry without getting real background knowledge on everything that goes in at labels, with managers, with contracts etc. On top of that I just love the people in our Music Business Adminstration program. We’re awesome together.

Thursday March 10th(Day 21): Blackberry. I now understand why people call it the crackberry. I’ve found myself completely stuck to my phone wherever I go. In class today I was bored out of my mind and I spent the 3 hour course bbm’ing classmates and playing with new apps. Not healthy but definitely makes me happy.

Friday March 11th(Day 22): Watching a concert side stage. This was a first for me. I’ve been backstage a lot and been on stages before after shows but I’ve never had the opportunity to watch a show from the side before. A friend of ours was in town on the Down with Webster tour and he got us sidestage for their set. As I was standing there, watching all the crew members, management and band interact I realized that on the side was exactly where I belonged. I feel so at ease when I’m surrounded by people in the industry and I’m looking forward to getting started once school is done in September.

Saturday March 12th(Day 23): Foufs. I’d just like to start by saying that I am not someone who enjoys bars or clubs or things like that but Foufs has always had a very special place in my heart. I’ve had so many hilarious/amazing memories at this bar after concerts and thinking about it always brings a smile to my face. I spent from about 11PM-2:30am there this morning and I spent most of the time laughing and having a good time with friends.

Sunday March 13th(Day 24): Getting flowers at work. I was on cash today and out of nowhere my manager approached me with a bouquet of roses. I knew Jason had the intention of surprising me at some point but he caught me completely off guard. I was immediately in an amazing mood after that. He knows exactly how to make me smile. No one has ever come close to doing something like that for me.

Straight To You Tour 2011

I can’t wait almost 5 months. I’m going to go crazy.

4 rows from the stage. FOUR ROWS.

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