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Come away to the water

First of all…One Tree Hill I am NOT ready for you to end.

It’s so weird how we become so connected to characters on television, in movies and in books. It’s like they become parts of our lives and when a series ends we have to say goodbye as if they were old friends. When Harry Potter came to and end I sobbed throughout the last few pages because I knew I was saying goodbye to characters who I grew up getting to know. When Charmed ended I sobbed like a baby because it was the show that I sat down to watch every single Sunday night, without fail. Now unfortunately it looks like I’ll be saying goodbye again..and at 22 it doesn’t get any easier apparently. I’ll be the first to admit I’m a huge baby. Jason asked me the other day why I cry so much when I watch One Tree Hill. The easiest answer that comes to mind is that the writers and actors did such an incredible job of making me feel like I was there too. I started watching this show during the 3rd season. I had watched it on and off for the first two but I became completely hooked at the beginning of the 3rd. That’s 7 years. That’s a long time to become hooked on Brook, Nathan, Haley and company. It breaks my heart knowing that I have 2 weeks left and then it’ll be over for good and that reruns will be my only way of remembering. Not to mention that this weeks episode absolutely devastated me. I’ve cried a lot for this show but nothing like I did today. I’ve always been a fan of Dan. He’s too good a character. He’s so good that he makes everyone hate him. What they did to his character was the only thing they could do. It was the only way to bring closure to such a strong character. Can I just add that surprising us with Keith was absolute genius?! 2 more weeks…argh.

In other news I woke up today to news of freaking AEROSMITH coming to Laval. My head exploded. Being so immersed in the music industry I get asked a lot who my favorite band is. I always say Hedley but this morning I was really thinking about it and I couldn’t choose between these two bands because they were a part of my life during two completely different times. Aerosmith was my childhood band. I grew up listening to them being blasted throughout the house by my parents and my brother. They were the very first concert I ever attended at 12. It was love at first experience. At 15 I was introduced to Jacob Hoggard and Hedley and that love affair began throughout my teens and now. It’s funny because when you really look at it, Jacob isn’t so far from Steven Tyler. Both have incredibly unique voices and are killer entertainers.  Both bands impacted my life in ways I wish I could put down in words. I’ve been waiting to see Aerosmith again since that very first time. I absolutely cannot wait until July 10th.

This summer is shaping up quite nicely!! Jason and I booked Disney for a week in May. Hedley postponed their Quebec City show for June 1st. The New Cities and Marianas Trench announced a festival in Belleville which I think I’m going to attend since my parents will be 20 minutes away in Picton at that exact time. After that we have the usual summer festivals and I’ve heard a lot of rumors out of the Hedley camp. Then to end off the summer I’ll be heading back to PEI with Jason for a week to visit my brother and just relax in my favorite part of Canada. I couldn’t be more excited.


But I found the strength inside…

I wrote a long blog post  2 months ago about how I’ve used Hedley’s music during some of my most difficult days, weeks, months.  They’ve been the thing that I’ve turned to for the last 6 years. They say music saves you and I really, truly, believe it. I’ve been struggling a lot over the last 4 months with my own personal demons and when I first heard Invincible last month I actually laughed because they had done it again. They’d written something that I knew I’d be able to blast and use to make myself feel less alone with my struggles.

I cried watching this music video today. Not only does it help everyone(including myself) understand that they’re NOT alone but it’s inspiring.

It’s crazy how much these 4 have matured since “On My Own”. I’m so proud to call myself a lifelong fan. I can’t wait to sit down for that interview with them on their new tour and finally get the chance to let them know how much they’ve changed my life for the better.

The fall is shaping up beautifully

I’m currently overwhelmed with the amount of things happening from September on. At the moment almost every single one of my favorite bands are working on or releasing a brand new album. Jacks’ Mannequin is set to be released on October 4th while The New Cities announced September 27th. On top of that bands like The Academy Is, Marianas Trench, Faber Drive, Thriving Ivory, The Rocket Summer and SO many others are in the studio. Nothing makes me happier than new music.

Most importantly Hedley just announced that they would be releasing their brand new single to radios this coming Monday and that their single would be available on Tuesday. Last night I had a very vivid dream that I was front row at one of their shows and I woke up incredibly unhappy when I realized that not only was I NOT at a concert but I had none planned. Then the boys come along and announce the new album for the fall and tour dates to follow that. I miss them unbelievable amounts. From 2005-2008 I saw them at least 5 times a year and sometimes more than once at M+ and other appearances. From 2009-now I’m lucky to see them once a year. For some reason for their arena tour I only went to one show because I assumed they’d be back in Canada a lot. I was poor and not willing to splurge when it wasn’t necessary. This time around I’m ready for the dates to be announced and SO excited to be back in a part of my life that I love the most.  I still can’t believe that their first album was released in 2005. It feels like yesterday honestly. I’m so excited to see what this next album is like. I’ve been more and more impressed by the maturity of each new album.

As if new music wasn’t announced my 22nd birthday is September 14th and the ladies, Jason and I are heading up north for 2 nights to just be together and party. Jason and I have also been researching flights for Vancouver for the end of October for two weeks to visit Jenn. The Academy Is/Jacks Mannequin show have fallen PERFECTLY on those dates as well as a Canucks game. Jason and I are also celebrating our 1 year in November which I’m really excited about.

I’m looking forward to being genuinely excited about things again.

It’s that time again….new music releases!!!

The thing that makes me happiest? New music.

So far in the last week there’s been a ton of new stuff to put on my iPod.

First and foremost…HEDLEYS BACK. I love when those boys are in the studio because it always means that snippets of songs are going to be leaked and sure enough last night on a twitcam the boys showed fans a brand new song called “Stormy.” I missed it but a friend sent me the MP3 in and in my eyes these boys can do no wrong. There are a lot of upcoming albums but NONE get me more excited then new Hedley. I can’t believe they’re on album number 4. It feels like yesterday that I ran out to buy album #1. The only video I could find to post in this blog is a messy filmed version of “Stormy” but it involves Jake on the piano so it’s gold.

Next was the release of Jack’s Mannequin new single “Racing Thoughts.” Here’s another artist that I feel can do absolutely no wrong. When you take Andrew McMahon and place him at a piano, magic happens. I heard this song for the first time at his show at the beginning of the month and now I finally got the chance to hear the recorded version which is just as incredible. The best news of all was that his 3rd, and newest, record will be released on October 4th. This fall is going to be so incredible. I’m already overloaded thinking of all the good music coming my way.

Third up was Marianas Trench. I have such an unbelievable love/hate relationship with this band. I’ve been following them since before their first album was released. I adore their music. Everything about it is unique. The problem is that I can’t stand Josh Ramsey as a human. As a musician he’s pure genius but as a human I find him to be a bit of a prick. Now that’s just my opinion and he might not be but the way he presents himself on stage has always bothered me. That will never stop me from supporting his music though. I won’t miss a concert and I will always buy their CD’s because I respect him unreal amounts as an artist and I do wish MT loads of success. That being said I adore the new single. Josh hits notes and sings in a way that other musicians could only dream of doing. Their last album was a million times better than their first IMO so I can only imagine what the third will be like.

Lastly is the release of The Midway States second album. I love these guys. I wish them so much success in their journey in the industry. Nathan has one of the most haunting voices I have ever heard. Anything with piano gives me goosebumps and well that’s what most of their songs consist of. I had their first album on repeat for quite some time and I actually enjoy this one even more. If you haven’t purchased it then I highly suggest getting your butt over to iTunes or HMV and grabbing a copy of “Paris Or India”

If things start splitting at the seams and now it’s tumbling down hard

For as long as I can remember I’ve suffered from anxiety. It’s lingered in the back of my mind and taken over when I let myself become vulnerable. Over the last month it’s completely taken over my life. I haven’t been able to motivate myself, concentrate or do everyday activities that used to make me happy. It’s been a struggle and at times I found myself feeling like I couldn’t get back to normal. I feel like I’m losing who I am. I thought I’d never be able to wake up and be relaxed and calm again. It’s a terrifying feeling and it’s emotionally and physically exhausting. Many people believe it’s just a state of mind and they can’t understand how anyone can allow it to reach these types of levels. I’m not even going to try to explain to those people. It’s something that only those who suffer from anxiety can really understand.

I’m an incredibly lucky person. I have a family who would do anything for me, best friends who make me laugh like nobody else and a boyfriend who I’m head over heels in love with. I have a roof above my head, a great education and a promising future. I’ve decided I need to gain control. It’s a lot easier said than done. You can’t just sit down and go “Okay well enough of that! Time to get back to a life with no stress.” It’s all about controlling your mind, and when it’s racing a mile a minute that is not the easiest thing to do. It brings upon symptoms that make you want to curl into a ball and cry. I’m not afraid to say it.

The first thing I had to realize was that this wasn’t life threatening. This was something I could eliminate from my life if I learned how. In order to do that I had to forget about it completely and stop thinking of it. I had to find something that would take my mind off of it completely. I immediately turned to music. People say that music saves your life. I believe that. My life revolves around the melodies, the lyrics and the chords. When I’m singing at the top of my lungs NOTHING can bother me. Some people sit in front of the water and relax. Other people take long walks to clear their head. I’ve always turned my iPod on and lost myself in the music.

The funny thing is I came to the realization that music was going to save me when I turned on “Never Too Late” by Hedley. That has always been a theme song for me. Since the song was first played live in Montreal back in October of 2007 on Mackay street I clung to the lyric “Find a way to smile and never let it get away.” As I sit here, song blaring, I realize how much this band has saved me since 2004. There isn’t a part of my life they haven’t had a massive impact on.

They’re the reason I know which direction my career is going in. They made me realize that I want to spend my life at concerts and surrounded by artists. I chose to attend Trebas because of them and get a job with CONFRONT Magazine as well as Live Nation. They’re the reason I have the best friends any girl could ask for. I became close to people in high school because of their music. I met some of my best friends directly through the band because I started attending shows all the time. Believe it or not they’re the reason I learned how to be sane around the opposite sex. I used to shut down when a guy would speak to me and I spent most of my time being perfectly happy to be single. Then I started attending their shows and making a handful of great guy friends and from there I learned that I had nothing to be shy about. Everything links back to them. My taste in music changes on a daily basis. My favorite bands vary depending on what I’m listening to that year. Six years later I can honestly say that no one will take the top spot from them. I owe so much to their music. I’ve had the chance to watch them grow and in turn I’ve grown with them.

I’m not asking anyone reading this to understand. The only way you can is if music has touched your life in a way that is indescribable. I’ve wanted to write something like this for awhile and I got the chance when their music saved me yet again.

I wasn’t going to post this blog. I was going to keep this as my secret struggle but I finally realized that this isn’t something to be ashamed of. Everyone has something they have to battle with in their life. This is mine. I still have an immense up hill battle. Learning to wake up without being afraid is a big step. Learning how to forget the past and look ahead can be even scarier. I need to get back to being who I used to be. I don’t want to lose myself. All I can do is turn up the music.

30 Day Music Challenge: Day 15

Day 15 – A song that describes you:

Unfortunately I had to double up on an artist for this challenge. I didn’t want to but when it comes to Hedley it was bound to happen. I chose this particular song, not so much because it describe me as a person but more because it’s an attitude I try to live by.

I can be pessimistic. Sometimes I find myself wrapped up in it and I have to remind myself that it takes a lot more energy to be negative then it does to be positive. I try and live by the motto in this song. “Find a way to smile and never let it get away.” Instead of getting discouraged and letting the bad things win out, get up and try again. Never give up. It’s the strongest message out there. People who give up make it nowhere. People who live their lives looking at all the bad instead of the good stay miserable forever.

Not to mention this song is so uplifting and hands down one of my favorites of all time.

I decided to post a video with lyrics included because it can help prove this post.

“Never Too Late” – Hedley

2010 Year in Review

Right before ringing in the New Year I always write a blog that summarizes every month from that year. It’s a way for me to remember what these last 12 months brought and to help me see how I’ve grown and what needs to be changed.

As I’ve told several people I was not a fan of 2010 in the least. I had my reasons but I have no problem ringing in 2011. I already have a feeling it’s going to be amazing. I’m ready to put this year behind me and start fresh.

This is always a long one so props to whoever actually goes through this.

January 2010:

I rang in the New Year with a large group of people at my ex-boyfriends place. It was an interesting night to say the least. Let’s just say I don’t want to start this New Year crying like I did with the last. It was a fitting start to the year.  Most of this month was spent hibernating from winter. I had a good friend from Toronto come in and play a show. It was my first time getting the chance to see his band live and not the last during the year.

Best part of the month:

Dance circle in the middle of the bar during the Monday Rose show

New Years Eve.^

February 2010:

February sticks out in my mind for an incredibly dorky reason. I had heard people raving about the book “Shutter Island” so I decided to pick up a copy. I read the book in one sitting and was officially addicted to Dennis Lehane novels. I spent the rest of the year reading all of his novels. I was hooked. Not to mention the movie was amazing. Another big point that sticks out in my mind was it was the month that Jenn & I took the right path towards our future. We set up a date at Trebas and met with the director and decided that we were ready to go back to school in “Music Business Management.” This was the smartest decision I’ve made in years. I also spent most of the month watching the Olympics. I remember Hedley playing the closing ceremonies and how proud I was knowing they were being broadcasted all over the world to millions of people. There was also a couple of girls nights over the month including one at Lauras where we ate over 6 pounds of food and one at Lisa’s the day before Valentines day to have a “Single Ladies” night even if I wasn’t. We all enjoyed a Bulldogs game together front row. That’s how every hockey game should be spent. The end of the month was the very best. Sitting on the floor, face painted, with Laura & Jenn watching Canada win gold in hockey. For the first time in my life I wanted to give Sidney Crosby a huge hug.

Best part of the month:

Walking out of Trebas and to Nickels with Jenn. Mutual smiles plastered across our faces & the knowledge that we had finally taken a step in the right direction for our future.

Canada wins gold at the olympics!^

March 2010:

This month started off with The New Cities busking for change at the Eaton Center.  That was one of the only times we saw those boys in 2010. The most random day of the year has to be the day we cleaned my exs’ apartment. It started off with us not being able to get in (thankfully jenn was a locksmith in her last life) and when we finally got in we spent a good 2 hours cleaning. Let’s just say it was not a livable environment. I’ll never forget Jenn opening up the microwave and screaming or Mel taking on behind the couch. That was followed by an amazing evening at Beaver Lake and dinner. I can’t say this enough but those girls are my life. A couple of days later I sat down with Elias, a band we met through the Februarys, for an interview at Club Soda. Great guys and the start of a really fun friendship. The month ended off with a roadtrip with Jenn & Mel to Trois Rivieres to see The New Cities. The show stands out in my mind because it was the first time we saw “Take it Back, Cheat Again” live. A favorite for the three of us. Athena came to town a couple of days later to experience her very first Habs/Sens game. Free food & a shut out win for the Sens. Not too shabby for her.

Best part of the month:

Blaring Waves “Going to California” with Mel & Jenn on the way to 3Rivieres at the end of the month and singing along at the top of our lungs.Cleaning fairies. The best friends a girl could ask for.

April 2010:

Everyone knows that I’m happiest when I’m on the road with my best friends. At the beginning of April I got to spend 4 straight days with Mel & Jenn and it was one of the best moments of the year for me. Dave and his band were on tour with Faber Drive(one of my oldest & favorite bands) so we worked out a little road trip schedule. On April 6th we hopped in the car and headed to Trois Rivieres where we did merch for the guys and then enjoyed a very intimate show with Faber. We also got to meet Mike which was the start of another great friendship. We were also taught how to be responsible. Insert eye roll here. The next day we headed back to Montreal for Hedley at the Bell Center where I got to see my favorite band play the Bell Center for the very first time. Seeing them go from playing in front of 50 people, 6 years ago, to that was amazing. Not to mention the entire night was a blast. The show was followed by a trip to Radio Lounge where The New Cities were bartending and Frank almost killed me with too much vodka. The last day of our mini roadtrip took us to Drummondville. This was probably my favorite and least favorite moment of the trip. We had a blast doing merch again and the moment with Faber on stage was priceless. The end of the night ruined that entire day for me. I look back on that day and see how incredibly stupid I was to stay in such a terrible relationship. You live and learn. Luckily on the car ride back I cried for most of it but I had my two best friends there to keep me smiling despite all the shit. “I’ll bring them. It’ll make their lives.” Uh huh. Despite everything I had an incredible month with best friends and lots of music.

Best part of the month:

I’m going to take a quote out of my blog to represent my favorite moment. “Hedley performing Old School. I grabbed onto Jenn who grabbed onto Laura who grabbed onto Melissa. We swayed together and belted out the lyrics to a song that was “the soundtrack of our summer” during 2007. There’s a moment during that song where the music gets intense and he starts to sing about the days we went crazy and the nights wild and hazy and during that moment I found myself completely forgetting about everything around me. All I was aware of was my best friends holding onto me and the music taking over every inch of me. I turned to see Melissa crying. When people ask me why I go to so many shows, it’s for those moments. Where you truly get lost in the music”

Doing merch in Drummondville^

May 2010:

On the first of the month I sat down with Jarek from the Johnstones for, what has to be, one of the best interviews I’ve done for CONFRONT. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to get any serious answers out of him but he ended up being fascinating and genuinely hilarious. That was followed by 3 hours at Van Houtte with Jenn & Mel. I feel like that became our official place to just talk. I remember spending their entire set smiling. No one knows how to make a person smile quite like Ryan Long. While I’m still baffled by their music I can’t help but admit that they put on one of the most entertaining sets I’ve ever seen. After that set we went out for Daves friends birthday at a club in the Old Port which was interesting. The baseball quote came out of that night. Enough said. May 8th was Faber Drive, The New Cities, The Mission District & Jesse Labelle at Club Soda. That day was full of amazing memories. Riding the elevator with Jesse Labelles band. Old muscle men knocking at the hotel with Athena. I think this was one of the days I laughed the most. I sat down with Faber Drive on their spanking new tour bus for an interview that day as well as with Dave from The New Cities. Oh F’GN. The Habs made it to the 2nd round of the playoffs and then the 3rd where they got eliminated. That was the furthest I’ve ever seen them go. On may 18th-20th Jenn and I took a trip to Toronto to cover a good friend of ours band at a benefit show for CONFRONT Magazine. We had a blast documenting the whole day and writing about it and then spending that night with ARi eating pizza & watching movies. The next day we went to our hotel and that night Jenn & I downed a bottle of chardonnay and laughed to the point of pain. It was then that I finally dealt with the thing that had been bothering me for months. It was honestly the best moment and having my best friend there with me to laugh moments later was perfect. We celebrated Lauras birthday towards the end of the month and I just surrounded myself with my best friends.

Best part of the month:

Laughing hysterically over peach chardonnay on the floor of the hotel room with Jenn.

The night of the peach chardonnay in Toronto^

June 2010:

I hit a bit of a low period around this time. With the breakup and my mom in the hospital I didn’t have the best month of my life. I did a lot of leaning on friends around this time. Jenn & I decided to put together a summer to do list of places we had to visit and things we had to do. That was what got me through all of it. Knowing that I had all of that to look forward to. At the beginning of the month, during Grand Prix weekend, we spent the weekend with Mike who was visiting from Toronto with the Faber Drive boys. We took a trip to Banquise and then to La Ronde where I screamed like a lunatic for most of the day and Mike rolled his eyes out of boredom. Nice opposite reactions. We went to St-Hubert later that night and just laughed. The next day we celebrated Lisas birthday and enjoyed Grand Prix festivities before we went to see Faber play Crescent street. Then we went for birthday drinks at Foufs. June was also the month Jenn & I officially registered for Trebas. I also stupidly let my emotions get the better of me and I tried to make a friendship work. Big mistake that would drag out for another 2 months & continue to screw with my emotions. At the end of the month I decided to take a random roadtrip with Jenn to see Cute is What we Aim for in Ottawa. Discussing the industry with Shaant after the show was a very neat experience. We also celebrated Jenns birthday at St-Sulpice. I’m pretty sure we met Lucifer this month. I also got to see The Spill Canvas live for the first time. Amazing. Towards the end of the month I interviewed another favorite band of mine “Thrice”. The month ended off with a road trip to 3Rivieres to see The New Cities. There was a lot of waiting in line & French that day. Not to mention rain. That was the last time we saw them live. It was a sad realization that we were done with their music. 3 years of great memories and unfortunately it was time to stop.

Best part of the month:

1)Grand Prix weekend – The two Indian guys I jokingly waved at who didn’t catch the joke and sat down next to us and stared until we finally left. Lesson learned. 2)Shaant falling asleep against the wall in the venue. 3)Walking through the tunnel, arm in arm with two best friends, in Trois Rivieres.La Ronde with Mike & the ladies^

July 2010:

July started off beautifully. Mel, Jenn & I roadtripped to Brockville to see the Faber Drive guys play. We didn’t know a soul there. It was the best feeling. We danced like complete idiots and had a blast just losing our minds. It’s the best way to de-stress. Let’s just say “When I’m With You” became the memorable song of the year. My brother visited for a week in the middle of the month and we spent almost every day together lying in the sun or going to the Jazz Festival. It’s always so great when he comes into town. It’s like he never left. Warped Tour is always a huge part of the summer for the girls & I. This year the lineup was crazy. The highlight was finally getting to see The Rocket Summer live. I’ve waited 6 years to see them play and they did not disappoint. Minus the heat stroke it was a successful day. When Parc Jean Drapeau cleared out we went to the tourbuses with Fight Fair and hung out and met some really neat people. We got off the bus at one point to watch the La Ronde fireworks. It was neat to turn to my left and to my right and to see everyone getting off their buses to watch as well. The next morning we woke up and celebrated Mels birthday with a huge breakfast and Toy Story hats. I also enjoyed an indoor picnic with James, Agnes and Mel. “SILVER!!!!” Towards the end of the month Mel & I offered to cover Heavy Metal MTL for CONFRONT. While it was a slightly terrifying experience it was also a lot of fun. I got to speak with Megadeth, Airbourne and others. I will never forget Lamb of Gods set. Mel and I were sitting backstage by the water and I was sure the world was coming to an end.

Best part of the month:

Feeling like an illegal immigrant while riding in the back of a truck with Mike Posner and other warped tour bands.

Brockville show^

August 2010:

Easily the busiest month of the year.  Unfortunately while this month brought great memories it also brought one of the most difficult moments of my life. Growing up I was always a cat person. When we got Buddy when I was 8 years old he immediately became my closest friend. In the span of a week I found out we couldn’t cure his eye ulcer without removing his eye or spending thousands of dollars on different treatments that we just couldn’t afford. Just like that we had to put him down. It still kills me even thinking about it. I couldn’t have asked for a better sidekick for 13 years.  Writing that made me start crying. I guess I try not to think about it. I got the phone call that he had been put down while I was on the bus to Toronto with Jenn, Mel & Agnes. I silently cried for a few minutes before the girls noticed. While it was painful to be away from home it was also the best idea. They got me through it. We arrived in Toronto and had a great time shopping and eating out. The next day we got ready and went to stand in line for Something Corporate. This band had a massive impact on my teen years. When they broke up I was devastated so when they announced a reunion tour I couldn’t miss it. I wish I could properly describe what it was like to finally see them live. Hands down the best show of my life and I say that without any hesitation. Finally hearing Konstantine live. Witnessing Andrew sing Hurricane. I wish I could go back to that day over and over again. The next day Mel, Jenn, my parents & myself drove down to PEI for 2 weeks. Spending 2 weeks by the ocean with my best friends. Crawling down sand dunes. Hanging out with Anne. Visiting Ripleys & the wax museum. Tanning for hours. Set eating hours. Hanging out with goats. “May the Bench be with you.”  Colonel Mustard Slowdown.That week was spent eating too much candy, tanning non stop and laughing.

Best part of the month:

Andrew sitting down at his piano and playing Konstantine live for the first time in 5 years during the encore.

Trip to PEI^

September 2010:

The month started off with Hedley in Gatineau. I was originally supposed to shoot the show but it down poured so I watched it from the front row. I stood there for 4 hours, drenched to the bone but enjoying every second of it. I’ll never forget watching Jake sit down at the piano and start singing “Perfect” with the rain falling. I can’t even describe how incredible that was. That was followed by Faber Drive in Bromont one day later. We got to spend the day watching horses & cows & pigs and sheep. Then we watched the show on a 12 foot stage. We barely got any sleep that night and we were woken up at 5am to go to the airport for VANCOUVER! This was probably the best trip I’ve ever taken in my life. We got the chance to stay at an incredibly gorgeous hotel, explore the city and spend 8 nights with good friends. Every night was spent with a group of people, drinking, dancing and just having a good time. I can’t thank those boys enough for letting us stay for so long and for being amazing & patient tour guides for that time. The trip was originally supposed to be 7 days but was extended to 10 when I came down with an awful cold. That was the only crappy part but despite it I still had a blast. We visited the guys studio and listened to some of their new stuff. Jenn & I travelled to see Hedley play at Deer Lake Park and I shot my very first show for CONFRONT. Standing up against the stage with Rosin staring down at me and Jake just a few inches away…amazing. Luckily the cold cleared up so we were able to enjoy hip hop karaoke night, trivia night and many others. I also got to celebrate my 21st surrounded by the most amazing people at a karaoke bar with a Backstreet Boys song dedicated to me and a Final Fantasy birthday cake. The last night we spent there was filled with singing by the piano, darts & cuddle parties. I’ve never been so sad getting onto a plane to head home. When we got back I celebrated my 21st again with my best friends at a hotel & St-Sulpice.

Best part of the month:

Sitting by the piano in Vancouver on our last night listening to Lucas play while all of us sang along.

Hip hop karaoke night in Vancouver^

October 2010:

The month involved a lot of work for CONFRONT. At the beginning of the month I met up with Lili at Club Soda to shoot her interview with Jonas. Right after that I ran and met up with Mel to shoot her interview with We Are Wolves.  The best part was we got completely lost on the way there and ended up walking around Park Ex in the dark. Very safe. After that, when we finally got off the bus at the right stop, we walked down the sketchiest deserted back roads to a run down venue where we did the interview in the basement. I have no idea how we survived. We said goodbye to one of our other halves around the beginning of the month when Laura moved to Jasper for the year. I miss her every day:(A few days later Jenn & I had our orientation at Trebas. It was so strange to get back into the rhythm of school. I had to learn how to listen all over again. Then during the first week we began school. We immediately settled in to the subjects(the 9am Marketing classes took some getting used to) and we met some amazing people who we’d be taking the 12 month journey with. Some of the Vancouver boys were on tour across Eastern Canada and made a stop in Montreal to play at a smaller bar. We spent the night of the 6th with them enjoying a very intimate show where Nathalie Marge Bazigma was born. On the 24th I sat down with Sean from 3OH!3 while Jenn shot our interview. After that I shot their set(my first venue photography experience) and enjoyed the opening bands including hellogoodbye and Down with Webster. Jenn, Lis & I attended our first hockey game at the end of the month where we kicked the Islanders asses and we all screamed like men. We ended off the month with a Disney princess themed Halloween at Jenns.

Best part of the month:

Standing right up against the stage, waiting for 3OH!3 to come out. Turning around and seeing 1200 people singing along to the song being played on the overhead radio. Unreal.

Halloween 2010^

November 2010:

As always November was the quietest month of the year. Everything was focused on school with endless mid terms and assignments. Jenn won a contest at the beginning of the month to see Faber Drive play a very exclusive show at the release party of a new cell phone. We were treated to free hors d’oeuvres, free coat check and free drinks. Not to mention there was 6 fans in attendance and the rest of the people there were men in business suits. Always a good time. I interviewed a favorite band of mine growing up, Good Charlotte, towards the beginning of the month. I was blown away by how down to earth and completely unchanged Benji Madden was despite all his success.  On the 16th I attended the Flyers game with Jason where we kicked Phillys ass yet again:) Towards the end of the month we attended the Habs Blood drive.

Best part of the month:

First date with Jason to the movies<3

Meeting Hal Gill at the Habs blood drive^

December 2010:

This month was fairly straight forward. If my time wasn’t spent with my friends or with Jason it was spent at school or at work. I had an amazing Christmas celebration with 4 of my best friends at my house. We danced like idiots, we ate 45 pounds of food and we exchanged presents. Most importantly we laughed like hyenas all night. I also got to attend the Trans-Siberian Orchestra with Jason which was absolutely amazing. Christmas this year was one I’d like to forget. While I had a great time with friends, the family scene was chaotic and I’d like to just forget about it.

Best part of the month:

Laughing hysterically over Styrofoam antics on DAHFA Christmas

Trans-Siberian Orchestra in Ottawa with Jason^

I say this every year but I grew up a lot in these past 12 months. I learned a lot of lessons. This has been a fairly tough year for me. Like everyone says..the only way to learn is to make mistakes and I made a fair share this year. I tried to write about all the positive parts of the year because to focus on the negative would be very debbie downer of me. There were aspects of this year that I loved. I was blessed to meet some amazing people and to form a relationship I would’ve never dreamed of with someone I truly love. It took a lot of shit and a lot of pain for me to get to this point but I’ve made it out of 2010 and I’m ready to start a brand new year. I know 2011 is going to bring great things. I’ve surrounded myself with people I love and who love me and I’m ready to take on the next 12 months with a smile.

Left my heart in Vancouver.

All my life I’ve dreamed of visiting two places; Scotland & Vancouver. The original plan was to travel by train with Jenn and spend one week with my brother in New Brunswick. After going to PEI for two weeks we both decided that we could spend that money to check out a different part of Canada. It didn’t take long to settle on Vancouver. We booked our flight and left shortly after. The first day was hell. We left on a Monday and we had spent the previous weekend barely sleeping, running on adrenaline and singing in the rain to Hedley and Faber Drive. I’ve learned that cramming everything into a couple of days just doesn’t end well. I started to feeling a tickle in my throat when we arrived at the airport at 5:30am on the 6th and it only went downhill from there. We arrived in Vancouver at 9am their time and immediately settled into our insane room at the Pan Pacific. I’d never seen a waterfall in a hotel before. When you looked out the window you were surrounded by the ocean & mountains. There’s nothing like it.

Welcome to Vancouver!

The next day we visited Gastown which was pretty cute and we sat outside Starbucks and people watched for a bit. Then we  packed up our stuff and headed to our friends place in a different part of Vancouver. We spent the majority of our trip at their house(minus two nights). The hilarious thing was that they were four guys and somehow Jenn & I were the messiest people in the house. It felt like every time I looked through my luggage it would explode all over the floor and I’d have to spend 20 minutes reorganizing it so that I didn’t mess up their place. I honestly don’t know what I would have done without them to be perfectly honest. Not only did they save us at least $2000 but they became our tour guides for most of our stay. On the first day we stayed over we got a tour of their entire neighborhood. They showed us all the good places to eat and what stores to visit. Jenn & I took advantage of all those places and tried out a new restaurant every day and became regulars at the IGA & 7/11 down their street. It reminded me of home except everywhere I looked there was mountains.  We also don’t go out very often but while we were there the guys showed us a different bar & club almost every night. It was awesome to party almost every night and with so many genuinely great people.Best vacation buddy<3

On the third day the guys brought us to Stanley Park and we walked along the seawall. I think Jenn asked them at least 10 times if they realized how lucky they were to live in such a gorgeous place. It was surreal. We walked for about 30 minutes and then stopped on Third Beach while Lucas & Jenn ran into the ocean to swim and Brodie & I lay in the sand and watched them. I’m not big on swimming in September even if it is nice outside. That night we went to see Inception which I heard was unbelievable but I fell asleep about an hour into the movie and missed the entire plotline. Whoops.Third Beach with the boys.

We spent Thursday in Yaletown which, I guess, is considered a richer part of Vancouver. It’s so much fun to just explore a new city and what’s even more fun is sitting down somewhere and just watching the people. We even had someone come up and start talking to us and he was pretty easy on the eyes. Never happened in Montreal. I just find everyone so much friendlier down in Van. That night was spent at a cafe that was holding a monthly Trivia Night. Actually the coolest concept ever. It was a bunch of 20 something year olds that got together in teams and competed against one another over trivia. Everyone was yelling out answers and getting really into it and the best part was mostly everyone knew each other. It just had a real sense of community that’s missing in my life. At that point I had completely lost my voice though so I wasn’t really into the whole screaming part. Trivia night at the cafe with Brodie, Jenn & Bender.

Friday was spent trying to recover from the stupid virus that was ruining my vacation. I curled up with Jenn on the couch while all the guys went to school & work and we watched Edward Scissorhands and drank about 10 cups of tea. That night we went to the studio with the boys to listen to their new stuff but midway through the evening I was completely wiped so I went back to their place to crash. The next morning I woke up and was hit with the full force of my cold. I couldn’t speak at all and I had a horrible fever. All I wanted to do was go home and curl up into my own bed. It was the most miserable feeling in the world. I went to the clinic and Jenn & I left for Burnaby which was the original plan. We were going to go watch the Hedley show but because I was so sick we went for the first three songs and I shot Hedley for CONFRONT. It was an unreal moment. It’s always been my dream to do photography professionally and to shoot Hedley first was something special. It’s neat to be alone by the stage with just the band and one or two other photographers. Sadly we didn’t stay for the show but it was nice to say that I finally saw Hedley play a hometown show.Media pass for Hedley!

The next day I felt like I had almost recovered completely. Jenn & I packed up and left Burnaby and headed back the guys place. On the way there we stopped at Original Joes and had one of the most amazing brunches of our lives. I still think about it every day. Luckily I was feeling a lot better, and finally able to speak, because that night the house was filled with at least 20 people. The night consisted of drinking games, board games & Mongolian food. I’ll say it again, the people in Vancouver are great. Because I had been so sick, and unable to fly, our trip was extended by 3 full days. The following Monday, the 20th, Jenn & I took a little adventure to Granville Island(we didn’t get lost once on the entire trip to Van, granted we had people with us most of the time but so not the point) where we wandered around and then spent a good 2 hours just sitting by the water enjoying the city. I can tell you that it was at that moment that I completely fell in love with everything about Vancouver. That night we went to a hip hop karaoke night and everyone danced like lunatics and I got to celebrate my 21st birthday with the most amazing people. Super lame roommate for 10 days.

Hip Hop Karaoke night with some Van/Mtl/Edmonton

Tuesday was my 21st. Jenn & I went out for lunch and she paid for my food. Then we went back and everyone got ready to go out for karaoke night. The girls next door made an amazing dinner and Brodie & Jenn picked up a Final Fantasy DQ cake for me. Not to mention everyone got dressed up all snazzy. All of it meant so much to me and it was honestly one of the best birthdays of my life. We all went out for karaoke and I Want It That Way was dedicated to me as the drinks piled up. I don’t drink  that much so that night was a new record me for me. All of it was unforgettable and I can’t imagine having spent my birthday any other way or with any other people.

Celebrating my birthday with the best friend.

The amazing dinner the girls made.

Wednesday was our last day in Vancouver and hands down the saddest. We watched Pans Labyrinth and then spent the morning packing up all of our stuff. We went out for one more meal at Burgoo, our new favorite restaurant and reminisced about the entire vacation. Then we went out for one more night of fun. We went to the cutest little bar that felt like someones basement and spent the night playing darts and sitting around the piano singing as Lucas played. That night we didn’t go to bed since we had to be up at 4:30am so Jenn & I pulled an all nighter. Everyone ended up crashing except for Brodie who managed to stay awake with us until 4am before we finally lost him. Sitting on that sidewalk waiting for the cab was one of the most depressing moments of my life. I can honestly say I fell in love with Vancouver. I got to spend 10 days with the most ridiculously awesome group of people and I’m so happy I met so many new friends. I also can’t begin to describe how amazing it is to be surrounded by the ocean and the mountains. I need to go back soon. I’m thinking 2011 will bring lots of Vancouver. I could never live there. It’s too far from home but I could definitely spend a few months there and I think I will if Jenn’s down for a little trip.

Sing-a-long around the piano with everyone.

I’ll be right here by your side

The past week has been non-stop.

On Monday Jenn picked me up from work and the two of us headed back to my place where we packed enough clothes & food to last us three weeks on a desert island. We caught up with some of our fictional romances and went for a walk by the convent near my house. It was the perfect way to start off this week together.

Tuesday morning we woke up bright and early and got ready to head out. We packed up Jenns car and made just enough room to squeeze Mel into the back seat. My favorite part of our roadtrips is rolling down the windows and blaring good music. We had plenty of time to do that after we had picked up Mack 1’s merch from the Old Port. We got stuck in an hours worth of traffic. We almost left Jenns car behind and walked to Trois Rivieres. On the way there we played a great game of  “Count The Roadkill” and after awhile we changed that game to “How many times can Mel saw Ewwww because of a squashed squirrel?!” We got to the venue and helped set up Mack 1’s merch. We sat around and kept ourselves amused with some “He let us!  We’re responsible! Jenn hoored” jokes. I’ve realized that no matter what situation I’m in I can have a good time with those 2 nutbags. I stood in the back and watched Mack 1 play to a small, but very loud crowd. For Faber Drive we went down to the stage and I was surprised to find out that I still remembered every song on their set list. It’s been awhile since I saw them in concert and he still knows how to put on a great show. It also brought Jenn & I back to our very first show together which happened to be Faber Drive in Quebec City.

About 5 years ago, when I first really fell in love with music, my world revolved around 3 bands: Hedley, Faber Drive & Marianas Trench. Two of those bands have gone on to fill up arenas but Faber’s still making it and while I wish them all the success in the world, it’s nice to remember what things were like back in the day. Those smaller shows where everyone interacted. After the show we finished packing up the merch and the opening band Delta 20 approached us for a picture. They were all hilarious guys and it reminded me of the first time we met the Hot Streak boys. After that we headed back to our hotel room for a very short nights worth of sleep.

The next morning we headed back to Montreal with a few songs on repeat. We went over to Daves to get ready where Jenn popped out a bottle of Peach Chardonnay(tradition on these trips) and we finished off a bottle together at 4pm in the afternoon. We spent a good hour just laughing.  After that we headed over to St-Hubert for dinner with all of the ladies and some serious catching up. Then we went to the Bell Center where we took our seats. Fefe Dobson hit the stage first and while she’s not someone I’d pay to see she’s also not the worst performer out there. Next up was Stereos who I’m so sick of seeing. They have to stop touring with bands I like. Their auto tune made me want to smash my head through a wall. After them was Boys Like Girls. I’ve been a fan of theirs since their first CD but for some reason I never brought myself to a show of theirs. They put on a great show and gave me serious goosebumps when they started to play Thunder. After them Hedley hit the stage. I don’t usually cry during shows but when they came out(Cha Ching), I cried through the entire first song. It wasn’t because I was so excited to see them, it was more because I was so overwhelmed to see them playing for almost 7,000 people. I still remember seeing them open up for Simple Plan back in 2006 and wondering if they’d ever get the chance to play the Bell Center. I feel oddly honored that I can say that I’ve followed Hedley for over 5 years now, before they ever even played their first show in Montreal, and now to see them play for so many delirious screeching’s special. I’m proud of those idiots. They deserve every bit of this success.

The best part of the entire show was during Old School. I grabbed onto Jenn who grabbed onto Laura who grabbed onto Melissa. We swayed together and belted out the lyrics to a song that was “the soundtrack of our summer” during 2007. There’s a moment during that song where the music gets intense and he starts to sing about the days we went crazy and the nights wild and hazy and during that moment I found myself completely forgetting about everything around me. All I was aware of was my best friends holding onto me and the music taking over every inch of me. I turned to see Melissa crying. When people ask me why I go to so many shows, it’s for those moments. Where you truly get lost in the music. That was followed by Never Too Late where we still grabbed each other and danced our asses off. Towards the end of the show Jake sat down at the piano, and like every show, he talked to the crowd for 5 minutes with his heart on his sleeve. “If you promise to stay in our lives, we promise to stay in yours.” We headed out of the venue completely deaf and slightly mute and went over to Radio Lounge where The New Cities were bar tending for the night. The place filled up pretty quickly and within an hour none of us could even move because there were so many people. Tom showed up as we leaned by the bar to get our drinks(Frank didn’t do such a bad job on mine, aside from the fact that it was almost pure alcohol) and he got my attention. It was nice to catch up with him for a few minutes since it had been a good year since we spoke. The ladies and I found a couch by the door and planted ourselves there for a bit until we decided to leave.

The last day of the trip, for me, was to Drummondville. We met up with Jenn at Longeuil again and hit the road. Jenn was deliriously tired at this point and all of us were looking forward to our nice warm beds. We took care of the merch for the show again and watched the entire show from the back. Mack 1 put on another great show and during Faber the ladies and I stood up to dance(and try and stay awake). The led to a nice moment with Faber on stage. During Gget up & Dance the Mack 1 guys joined Faber on stage to dance and every single person in the room was dancing together. It was a neat moment. After that we packed up our stuff and said our goodbyes to everyone. It was an amazing opportunity to meet some great people and to just enjoy time together. It went by way too fast but I’d do it again in a heartbeat. I wouldn’t do it without my other halves though. They made this entire week amazing. I will never forget that hug on the street corner after the show. I love them for that. We ended the trip by blaring Forever on the drive home.

We’re here to make a scene..cuz we’re living the dream….

I guess you’re just what I needed….

Bags are packed. It scares me how much of my life I can squash into such a small bag. We were smarter this time, we’ve all chipped in to buy food. I swear to god the majority of my money disappears on road trips because I splurge on Tim Hortons. That franchise makes such good money off of people like the three of us. Lucky’s coming on this one. Garmin too. They’re our mini tag team on these adventures. The butterflies have started up and I hope I never lose this feeling. It has more to do with the fact that I’ve been so blessed to have two of the best friends on the planet. We’re always able to clear off our schedules to make time for these things together. I hope and pray that this never changes. On the road with the windows down(or the door open in Mels case), the music blaring and some seriously awesome dance moves For the next 5 days I’ll be enjoying non-stop fun with my other halves. Is there a better way to de-stress?

I was thinking today how funny it is that Jenn & I started this amazing friendship by traveling to see Faber for the first time back in 2007 and now we’re doing it again but with a great addition to our team. So much has changed since that September day almost 3 years ago and it’s all been for the best. TT4Life?

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