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“Invincible is a song about surviving and overcoming adversity often times in a very underdog sense. You sit down sometimes and you feel like the whole world is coming down on you. It’s that ability to stand up and say I’m worth more than this and I’m a lot stronger then I think I am. Sometimes you need to be able to tell yourself those things and get up and close your eyes and have faith in yourself to push yourself.” – Jacob Hoggard

I had to post this quote. As someone who has been struggling for the past year, this song has become one of my escapes. When everything gets too hard and I feel like I’m crashing down I blast this song and disappear into for a few minutes. It makes me believe that I have the strength to overcome anything.

This is why this band has been a part of my life for 7 years.


But I found the strength inside…

I wrote a long blog post  2 months ago about how I’ve used Hedley’s music during some of my most difficult days, weeks, months.  They’ve been the thing that I’ve turned to for the last 6 years. They say music saves you and I really, truly, believe it. I’ve been struggling a lot over the last 4 months with my own personal demons and when I first heard Invincible last month I actually laughed because they had done it again. They’d written something that I knew I’d be able to blast and use to make myself feel less alone with my struggles.

I cried watching this music video today. Not only does it help everyone(including myself) understand that they’re NOT alone but it’s inspiring.

It’s crazy how much these 4 have matured since “On My Own”. I’m so proud to call myself a lifelong fan. I can’t wait to sit down for that interview with them on their new tour and finally get the chance to let them know how much they’ve changed my life for the better.