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Music on Repeat

My iTunes is so overloaded with new music right now that I don’t even know what to do. Here’s what’s on repeat at the moment:

Forget the Storm – Tyler Hilton

I bought this album the morning it came out. It’s been a really long time that I’ve had an album on repeat for weeks on end but this one makes the list. I’ve been a big fan of Tyler since his single “Picture Perfect”. A friend of mine from Toronto introduced me to the song back in 2004 and when he started appearing on One Tree Hill I got to experience his music on a different level. This album is hands down my favorite though. You’ll Ask For Me & Jenny have become two of the most played songs on my iTunes. I also can’t get enough of Leave Him which reminds me a bit of Michael Buble. I’ve had Jason listening to this album every single time we get into the car. He’s starting to know all the words now too..a very rare thing. I’m absolutely devastated that I can’t see him on May 19th in Ottawa. Caitlin and I were discussing a  road trip two months before any of these Canadian dates were announced and now both of us will be out of town for it. Looks like we’ll be hopping in a car when we’re both back!

Kids In the Streets – The All American Rejects

This is the first AAR album that I haven’t completely freaked out over. Don’t get me wrong, I still adored some of the songs on first play but their past albums have appealed to me more. When I saw them live a week ago it changed my mind completely. I can’t stop listening to the album now. Someday’s Gone is such a good song to blare on your speakers and I For You is one of the prettiest songs I’ve ever heard. During the interview I also got the chance to tell Tyson how much I adored Heartbeats Slowing Down and he promised to play it live during the show for the first time ever. He did in the encore and I smiled like a little girl for the full 3 minutes. If it takes you some time to get into this album I recommend you keep at it..because it pays off. It’s also so nice to see how much Tyson as matured and despite him still being completely insane, he also knows how to bring himself down.

Walk the Talk EP – William Beckett

I was so heartbroken when I found out The Academy Is… was breaking up. Especially a month before I was supposed to see them in concert. It made it a big easier when I found out that William Beckett would continue to make music. He released his EP a few days ago and it’s just like I expected it to be. His voice is so unique and easy to listen to. I’m so excited to see him on May 13th. I’m also a bit sad that the album is ONLY 4 songs. I’m ready for more!

Love is a Four Letter Word – Jason Mraz

I bought tickets to go see Jason Mraz for the very first time in concert this coming September with Melissa. I don’t even know why I’ve never see him live. I’ve always been a fan of his music and his new album doesn’t disappoint at all. I haven’t had the chance to listen to it a lot yet but so far I’m completely hooked on Everything is Sound and The Woman I Love. Not to mention I can’t get enough of I Won’t Give Up.

On Your Side – A Rocket to the Moon

I am so happy I finally got to see these guys live. It was about 4 years ago that I randomly came across their EP on iTunes. It was only a few songs but I absolutely loved their sound. For some reason I never followed up on their music and didn’t even know that they had a full length album out! So when I saw them open for AAR last week I got to hear their new music. I came home and immediately bought the album off of iTunes. I’ve been driving Jason insane with the replays of Baby Blue Eyes and Like We Used To. I actually almost started crying when I heard Like We Used to Live. The lyrics are heartbreaking. I was also so stoked to see Dakota on the album!

The Slumdon Bridge EP- Yelawolf ft Ed Sheeran

Yeah I went and bought this album on iTunes. There’s something that appeals to me so much when a rapper works with someone who has as beautiful a voice as Ed Sheeran. While Yelawolf is not my choice for artist of the year, he manages to make this EP really neat. I surprised myself by the amount of times I’ve listened to it.


Hanging out with not much to do; aimless with each other – is what we do.

Vans Warped Tour is always an experience. This year it was a mixture of good and bad. It started off horribly but then it picked up and ended on a very high note.

The ladies and I arrived on site around 9:30am. We went to pick up our guestlist bracelets and with about 15 minutes until doors opened I started experiencing some serious vertigo. I barely made it to a security guard before I almost fainted. He was incredibly sweet and he ran to find me a chair and some water and he stayed with me until I felt better. That’ll teach me to run out of the house and not to eat in this heat. The first set of the day was The New Cities, just moments after doors opened. I was still feeling woozy and I wasn’t into their set at all. I think I’ll take all my memories from the last 2 years and as Mel said “press pause” for awhile.

We ventured to see Anarbor next. I honestly didn’t find them that amazing live. I much prefer their CD but at the same time they’re an amazing band and I was just so happy to finally get to see them. We decided to wander at that point and somehow we passed by Anarbors tent as they were doing autographs and photos so we took advantage. Next up was The All American Rejects. They’re too good live. Honestly. Tyson Ritter is a little bit too eccentric for my liking but to some degree he does get away with it. Mel & I left during their last song and ran over to another stage to be nice and close for the Rocket Summer. I’ve adored this particular band since about grade 8 or 9. Unfortunately they rarely ever come to Montreal so I had never gotten the chance to see them live. Theirs was, hands down, my favorite set of the entire day. Bryce is unbelievable. During the song “Breakout” he used a loop pedal and played every single instrument. He also reminds me so much of Andrew McMahon it’s scary. It was amazing to finally hear Brat Pack live. After that Mel & I went over to meet him(while watching The Cab from the line up) and he was a huge sweetheart.

The last band of the day for me was We The Kings. The last time they played Warped Tour 2 years ago Alex & I danced our asses off to Check Yes Juliet. I’ll never forget that moment, especially since it was caught on video. This year the ladies & I danced along and belted out all the lyrics to every song. They’re not one of my favorites but they know how to put on a fun set. During Motion City Soundtrack the ladies watched front row and I went to watch a UK band called Enter Shakari with Mike. I normally don’t like hardcore but they had the most incredible energy. They were jumping off of everything and just running everywhere. It was impossible not to dance along.

Once the show was over we hung around and helped Mike bring Fight Fair’s merch to a truck. I jokingly turned to Jenn and asked her if it was her dream to ride in the back of a truck. Minutes later I was standing in inside a truck, with one lone lightbulb, surrounded by a bunch of random American band guys. It felt like we were being illegally taken over the border. I will never forget listening to everyone talk about how we were being taken to an abandoned warehouse or being driven off a bridge. I was so relieved when the driver finally let us out. We got off the truck and found ourselves a good mile away from the Warped grounds, surrounded by tour buses. The most amazing part was that we were right under the bridge. We were lucky enough to meet some really genuinely great people. I rarely get the chance to talk to Americans so it was a neat experience. The best part of the entire day though was standing under that bridge, everyone off their bus, watching the Celine Dion fireworks. I think it was at that moment that I realized that I belong on the road. I don’t want a home in some city, I want to be moving at all times.

I’m also going to throw out a little promo for our new friend Sam. Easily one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. His site is Check it outtttt!!!